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What does Umai mean in Japanese?
Are Umai and Umma the same? Do Umai and Oishii have the same meaning? There are small nuances to all those words, and we'll explain them in this article!
Learn Basic Japanese Stationery Vocabulary in Japanese
How do you say pen or scissors in Japanese? Learn more Japanese words in our basic Japanese stationery vocabuly guide!
4 Fun Ways To Learn Japanese
Jul 14, 2020 Tags 
Ditch the textbook and try these unconventional ways to practise nihongo!
Japan's Most Unusual Holidays
What silly holidays do you celebrate?
Buzzword and Kanji of the Year
What was Selected for Buzzword and Kanji of the Year?
3 Useful Japanese Slang ~Selected by ZenPop~ 
Let's learn some slangs which are so useful when you talk with Japanese!!
5 Japanese Snacks With Punny Names
Puns are fun! Learn a bit of Japanese language and culture with punny snack names.
Stationery Pack - Mini Memo Japanese Lesson
Take a look at the four mini memos that were included in our Study Stationery Pack and learn about the Japanese phrases that adorn these adorable pieces of stationery.