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The most original Japanese stickers
Apr 05, 2023 Tags 
Looking to expand your sticker collection? Here are some of Japan's most original stickers!
The Types of Japanese Stickers
Apr 03, 2023 Tags 
What are all those Japanese stickers and how can you best use them? Find out here.
The types of Japanese Pen Cases
Mar 31, 2023 Tags 
A pen case is not just a pen case when it comes to Japan: here's a list of the best pen case types!
The evolution of Japanese pens
Mar 30, 2023 Tags 
How did Japan's pens become the best? Let's see how they evolved since the 19th century!
The most original Japanese Erasers
Mar 29, 2023 Tags 
If you want to upgrade your erasers, look no further: here's a list of the most original Japanese erasers!
How to Make Your Desk Kawaii?
Feb 06, 2023 Tags 
You've seen a beautiful Kawaii desk on Instagram and want to recreate it? This is how.
The History of Hello Kitty
Feb 03, 2023 Tags 
Where does Hello Kitty and the most popular Sanrio characters come from? Here's their story.
How to draw a Kawaii character?
Feb 01, 2023 Tags 
Want to draw your own Kawaii characters? This is how.
What makes a drawing Kawaii?
Jan 18, 2023 Tags 
These are the details you should pay attention to if you want your drawing to be kawaii.
What are the best Japanese Ballpoint Pens?
Jan 13, 2023 Tags 
Looking for a new ballpoint pen from Japan? This is where you should start.
How to make a cute and Kawaii drawing?
Jan 02, 2023 Tags 
Want to make a cute and Kawaii drawing? Here's an easy tutorial for you to get started.