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Where to buy Stationery in Japan?
May 27, 2022 Tags 
Pens, stickers, and washi tape galore! Where should I buy my stationery? From Muji to Tokyu Hands, find out where to buy the best stationery in Japan here.
Learn Basic Japanese Stationery Vocabulary in Japanese
May 10, 2022 Tags 
How do you say pen or scissors in Japanese? Learn more Japanese words in our basic Japanese stationery vocabuly guide!
What Is Japanese Washi Tape?
Apr 22, 2022 Tags 
Where does Washi Tape come from? How to use Washi Tape? Your questions answered in ZenPop's Stationery Guide: Japanese Washi Tape.
What Are the Best Japanese Sakura Stationery Items in 2022?
Mar 21, 2022 Tags 
You are looking for sakura-themed stationery items from Japan? This article is for you.
Japanese Stationery Guide: Kokuyo Brand Presentation
Feb 24, 2022 Tags 
Looking for great paper, or a new notebook? Learn more about Kokuyo and their history of stationery.
Best Japanese Stationery Brands Ranked (2022)
Feb 18, 2022 Tags 
What are the best Japanese stationery brands for 2022? Find out in this article.
5 Fun Japanese Crafts To Do at Home
May 29, 2020 Tags 
Let’s explore Japanese culture with these cute stay-at-home activities!
Cute Japanese Stationery Brand: Ryu-Ryu
Mar 04, 2020 Tags 
We're really excited to introduce this new stationery brand we're working with!
Ikemen: Japan’s Cool Guys!
Apr 15, 2019 Tags 
Do you know what an Ikemen is? Hint: most male Japanese celebrities are one!
Stationery Spring Clean (With the Help of Marie Kondo)
Mar 20, 2019 Tags 
We’ve been inspired by the KonMari Method™ to organize our ZenPop stationery collection!
Bunny Rabbit Pack - Released in October 2018
What was in October's ZenPop stationery pack? 🐰