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Japanese Stationery Pack

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ZenPop's stationery pack includes at least 12 different items.
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ZenPop's Stationery Pack includes at least 12 different items. You will see a wide range of Japanese stationery from classic to new in our pack. First, ZenPop's stationery pack includes some cute items since Japan is one of the best producers of cute items in the world. This could include cute notepads, sticky notes, or other useful items that will surely put a smile on your face.

Speaking of cuteness, Sanrio characters have to be mentioned! Sanrio is a Japanese company that designed Hello kitty and many other cute characters. Some items from Sanrio will be often found in the ZenPop Stationery Pack. Adorable Sanrio characters will be always be with you. Also, kawaii stickers are something you better check out if you would like to discover the kawaii culture. Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Random kawaii sticker sheets are waiting to surprise you if you order a pack!

The rest of items in our stationery pack are both classic and new gimmick Japanese stationeries. Classic Japanese stationeries have sleek designs and work great because they have continuously been improving for better quality. They will motivate you to work and be a good buddy at places like work, and school. Gimmick Japanese stationeries are a recent invention, and each has a specific function. For example, erasable pens, or Kurutoga, a mechanical pencil that has a rotating core mechanism. Both classic and new Japanese stationery will make your life a lot easier!

Enjoy all kinds of Japanese stationery with ZenPop!

* The photos are for illustrative purposes. Actual product may vary.

The items in our ZenPop packs change often. See details below about what is in the current pack. This is what you'll get if you order today!

Current Stationery Pack:

ST09 - Travel Pack

Pack for June 2017 - 12 items

Enjoy learning about new places in Japan and inspire your journeys!

  1. MUJI highlighter (1 of 2 types)
  2. Another Muji pen?
  3. OLNO mechanical pencil
  4. Art pencil?
  5. Washi tape - Wagashi Pattern
  6. Travel Journal
  7. Cartography?
  8. Rilakkuma color scented pen
  9. Japanese Beauty?
  10. Kumamon?
  11. Fuji or Kyoto Stickers
  12. memo?

Traveling is one of life's great pleasures and anyone who has been to Japan knows that a visit to this country is impossible to forget. We have a handful of items to inspire you to travel and to learn about Japan a bit more. A Japanese travel journal is included to help you keep track of your future adventures. The labels in the journal are in Japanese but we will include a translation for you. It's super fun to use! We have some stickers featuring the different moods of Mount Fuji or the famous foods and sights in the old capital of Kyoto. Or take a trip down south to Kumamoto, the home of the most popular "YuraKyara": Kumamon the delightful bear.

As usual we also include some cute and useful stationery for you to use in your everyday life. This time we have some super popular pens from MUJI, a famously simple and high quality shop in Japan. Also included is an OLNO mechanical pencil that you can use in a really unique way. You just bend the pencil in your hand and lead comes out. You have to try it!

We will announce new items and show off some previews on our social media pages so please follow us on instagram or facebook to see more. Of course, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions as well.

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary.
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The declared value of each pack is 2500 yen, which is within the duty free allowances of most countries.

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