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Japanese Stationery

Discover 10 cute and high quality Japanese stationery products every month, direct from Osaka!

If you are into letter writing, journaling, bujo, studying, or simply get joy from a handwritten to do list or memo, then ZenPop's stationery box will delight you. Every month, discover the best new stationery Japan has to offer.

Your ZenPop Stationery Pack will include:

  • High quality pens, pencils, and / or highlighters
  • Unique stickers for any occasion
  • Beautiful stylized washi tape
  • Sticky notes, memo pads, and / or letter sets
  • New and novel items you never knew you needed (until they show up in your box)
  • Plus more! Every month's theme includes amazing items you can use every day.
Starting from 30.00 per box

May 2021 Current Pack

Usagi Garden

We were overwhelmed with all this cuteness when looking for our newest pack. Maruchan and Sumikko just got straight to us! Don’t you wish you could hang out with them, just for one lovely spring afternoon? Together with the cute flowers and plants to decorate your notebook, they make the perfect Usagi Garden. With a collection of stickers, sticky notes, and pens, we’ve got all the cuteness you need to develop your spring creativity:

  • Sumikko Gurashi Clear File
  • Sumikko Gurashi Memo Pad
  • Usagi no Muchan Stickers
  • Flower Vase Fusen
  • Rabbit Mini Envelope
  • PLUS more spring season stationery items!

10 beautiful stationery products are included in your ZenPop Japanese Stationery subscription box.

*The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary.

So cute! All the items were handy and very practical. This was my first ZenPop subscription box and I had a wonderful time unpacking it! It was like a Christmas gift!!

Eileen - USA

I love each and every box I’ve received! The themes are so kawaii and each box is curated so well to the theme. I love that the box always contains items that I would never be able to get in the States, as well as items I’ve never thought to try.

Lina - USA

Words can not describe how amazing and kind the whole team at ZenPop is. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you always give.

Natalie - USA

What's Inside a Stationery Pack?

10 or more cute Japanese items in every pack.

Pens and Pencils - You’ll always find new writing utensils in your pack, from sparkly highlighters to cutting edge mechanical pencils or brush pens.

Washi Tape - Washi means “Japanese Paper” and these lightweight decorative tapes made from washi can be used for crafting, decorating and much more.

Cute Stickers - Kawaii stickers featuring famous characters, or new designs that will surprise you. Useful for your planner or studies.

Paper Products - You’ll find cute memo pads, sticky notes, small notebooks, and even adorable letter sets in these packs.

Accessories - Cute erasers, shitajiki, correction tape, and many more new and novel items from Japan will be discovered.

Fun Themes - Each month features a new fun theme to enjoy! From traditional Japan, to cute puppies, it's always a surprise.

Featuring Japanese Brands:

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