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Japanese Stationery Pack

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ST20 - May 2018 CURRENT PACK

Fruits Basket Pack

  • Fruits-chan Sticky Notes
  • Fruit Washi Tape
  • Fruit Shaped Scissors
  • Schedule Stickers
  • Mini Letter Set
  • Watercolor Brush Pen
  • … and 6 more colorful items. 12 in total!
  • Subscribers get a bonus washi tape!

Enjoy a fruit salad or smoothie while you are planning your summer vacations with colorful schedule stickers, fruits-chan sticky notes, a watercolor brush pen, and more juicy stationery! You’ll even get some unique items as fruit shaped scissors, and a mini lesson on fruits name in Japanese. This is going to be an unforgettable fruity summer!

We often reveal new things and try out items on our social media pages so please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see more. Of course, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions as well.

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.

This Month's Writing Utensils

Character Pencil, SAI Brush Pen, Rushon Petite color pen, and a surprise item from Platinum!

What's Inside a Stationery Pack?

10 or more cute Japanese items in every box.

Pens and Pencils - You’ll always find new writing utensils in your pack, from sparkly highlighters to cutting edge mechanical pencils or brush pens.

Washi Tape - Washi means “Japanese Paper” and these lightweight decorative tapes made from washi can be used for crafting, decorating and much more.

Cute Stickers - Kawaii stickers featuring famous characters, or new designs that will surprise you. Useful for your planner or studies.

Paper Products - You’ll find cute memo pads, sticky notes, small notebooks, and even adorable letter sets in these packs.

Accessories - Cute erasers, shitajiki, correction tape, and many more new and novel items from Japan can be discovered.

Bonus Item! - If you subscribe you'll receive a bonus item every month, not available in single packs!

Featuring Japanese Brands:

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It’s all so useful and cute! A lot of these items are hard to track down online which makes them that much more special to receive.

My Subscription Addiction

After my journey to Japan last year, ZenPop and their packs help bring a part of that feeling back to me whenever i have wanderlust to Japan.

Alex (Facebook Review)

ZenPop gets the items from Japan, which is no doubt the land of stationery. What better way to get stationery than to get it direct from the source?


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