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Japanese Stationery

Discover kawaii and high quality stationery direct from Japan every month.

  • Cute character goods
  • High quality pens and pencils
  • Stylish paper products
  • New and trendy stationery items you don't want to miss!
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January 2020 Current Pack


It's the end of the year in Japan, time for sending greeting cards to family members and friends. We’re also getting ready for 2020, called nedoshi (Year of the Rat) with items featuring cute rodents, like hamsters, mice and hedgehogs. Other items include two sparkling writing items, Mt Fuji sticky notes, and even a washi tape designed washi tape. Last but not least, you’ll receive the very first original ZenPop calendar! Happy New Year from ZenPop!

10 gorgeous and unique items included.

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.

What's Inside a Stationery Pack?

10 or more cute Japanese items in every pack.

Pens and Pencils - You’ll always find new writing utensils in your pack, from sparkly highlighters to cutting edge mechanical pencils or brush pens.

Washi Tape - Washi means “Japanese Paper” and these lightweight decorative tapes made from washi can be used for crafting, decorating and much more.

Cute Stickers - Kawaii stickers featuring famous characters, or new designs that will surprise you. Useful for your planner or studies.

Paper Products - You’ll find cute memo pads, sticky notes, small notebooks, and even adorable letter sets in these packs.

Accessories - Cute erasers, shitajiki, correction tape, and many more new and novel items from Japan will be discovered.

Fun Themes - Each month features a new fun theme to enjoy! From traditional Japan, to cute puppies, it's always a surprise.

Featuring Japanese Brands:

It’s all so useful and cute! A lot of these items are hard to track down online which makes them that much more special to receive.

My Subscription Addiction

I've reviewed a lot of stationery boxes in my time and I really feel ZenPop's is the best I've seen.

Becca (Natto Soup)

There were no "filler" items - every single item was something that I could see myself using in my journal and was something that would make my spreads look super cheerful!"

Namie (Pokepixie)

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