What is ZenPop?

ZenPop is a service brought to you by ZenMarket Inc. ZenMarket is a Japanese online shopping and proxy service that has been serving thousands of customers since 2014. Based in Osaka, Japan, ZenMarket has earned a reputation as a reliable, customer focused company. Please visit ZenMarket to learn more about our company and read real customer reviews.

We started ZenPop in October 2016 because we wanted to help people all around the world discover and enjoy cool Japanese products. Building on our extensive experience doing business in Japan, we have created an easy and affordable way to get authentic Japanese goods to customers no matter where they are. Our ZenPop Packs are filled with authentic items we genuinely are excited about sharing. We select Japanese products that are classic, or practical, or brand new, or unique. You’ll get a real taste of Japan and Japanese culture with each order.

Why choose ZenPop?

We know there are a handful of places to order boxes of Japanese stuff. Why order from ZenPop?

  • We now offer a full subscription service! You can subscribe to any of our boxes, and have new items sent to you to discover every month. If you prepay you can save even more money.
  • We ship worldwide. All our ZenPop Packs come ship to countries all over the world. And extra tracking service is available too, depending on the destination.
  • High quality & great variety of food. Our Sweets Pack is really big and filled with quality Japanese snacks and candy. We only include items we think are really worth trying. Every snack is delicious and unique, and these are things we would send to our friends and families outside of Japan. Our Ramen Pack has 7 full sized bowls in so many varieties. Compared to other Japanese food boxes at this price, the quantity and quality of delicious items can’t be beat.
  • Choices! We have 6 different types of subscription boxes so there is something for everyone! No matter what you want to try, there is a box for you. For food boxes, we have 2 types of Japanese snacks and candy boxes filled with delicious Japanese treats, and a Ramen box for the noodle lovers. Tasty sweets and snacks, savory noodles, or a mix of both. If you love high quality and unique stationery from Japan, you don't want to miss out on our stationery box! Also anime lovers, we have a curated box filled with the latest and hottest anime collectible items just for you! From time to time, we add in a limited edition pack with themes that are out to surprise you! Each option is a great way to easily try some unique (and tasty!) Japanese goodies and unique items.
  • Stationery Packs. Cute Japanese stuff is great. But cute Japanese stuff that you can actually use in your everyday life is even better! Japan’s reputation for high quality goods will be apparent when you start using our amazing items in your daily activities.
  • Based in Japan. ZenPop is run by a multicultural team of people based in Osaka, Japan. Our Japanese staff help find unique and limited Japanese goods for our packs. We know you want stuff that is hard to find outside Japan so that’s what we get. Ordering from ZenPop is the easiest way to get your hands on authentic Japanese goods.

Who we are

Currently our team includes people from the United States, France, Singapore, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Russia, Ecuador, and Japan. We are thankful for being able to share our experience and love for Japan with the world. We want to make all of you happy by packing our passion in every box!

Working in Japan in an international environment, all of us here enjoy the chance to learn and experience new things. We are proud to serve customers all over the world. ZenMarket (including ZenPop) is a truly independent business and we depend on our customers’ satisfaction to continue to thrive.

We are definitely open to new ideas and we want to improve our service. We would love to hear your honest thoughts about our packs! Please let us know if there are any improvements we can make to our service, or our website. If there are any items or types of items you’d like to see in our packs, please send us a message anytime at [email protected]

Where we are

We are based in Osaka, the third biggest city in Japan. You all may have heard about some famous places in Osaka like Dotonbori (Glico man!) or Umeda, and maybe you have heard about some famous Osakan food like takoyaki etc. The people in Osaka are quite extroverted and warmhearted. We as Osaka people love talking, laughing, and sharing what we love with other people. We are glad that we can deliver you our packs with Osaka vibes!

Osaka Night View

Privacy Policy

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