Having skin troubles? - 6 DIY face masks you can make from foods
May 25, 2018 Tags 
Do you have a "private" beauty salon just for yourself? Yes, you do if you have a kitchen in your home.
Variety of Strawberry -How Japanese Enjoy-
May 21, 2018 Tags 
Which variety of strawberry is popular among 300 kinds?
Bread of Japan - 5 must tries for you
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Explore a Japanese bakery with ZenPop!
Golden Week in Japan
One of the biggest vacation in Japan is called….??
Fresh Starts Pack - Released in April 2018
Everyday is a fresh start! Have these refreshing treats to make your day.
Lucky Cat Pack  - Released in April 2018
What was in April ZenPop stationery pack?
Miso Sampler Pack - Released in April 2018
This is the third ZenPop “Sampler” Ramen Pack. We’ve seen tonkotsu, dashi, and miso so far. What sampler pack do you wanna see next?
Savory Spring Pack - Released in April 2018
Spring has come! It’s hanami season! Go picnic with the salty and savory snacks.
Nyanko Pack - Released in April 2018
Did you know that in Japan, cats say “Nya~”?
Neko Cafe in Japan
Apr 18, 2018 Tags 
Relax and have fun with cute cats in Neko Cafe! 🐱