What is "osechi"? Looks like a gorgeous bento box filled with elegant foods...?!
Jan 04, 2018 Tags 
It lets you running at the graceful place as you have always secretly desired...
This pack guaranteed Kawaii-er you in the most subtle, natural way!
What was in this stationery pack? A lot of cute items from Japan that will make you smile:)
Dec 25, 2017 Tags 
Do you know what “Nengajo (年賀状)” is? It is a New Year’s Day greeting cards we send in Japan.
Tako Pa stands for Takoyaki Party, and a special takoyaki pan is a must for Osakan people. Do you know how they enjoy cooking takoyaki at home? Let’s find that out!
What was in this Mix Pack? Do you know why this pack included some stick-shaped snacks?
Dec 11, 2017 Tags 
Want to know how to do romantic makeup look? Here's some videos helps you to do might as well your speaking Japanese gets even better!
Do you know about Japanese national holidays? It might be interesting to know!!
What was in this Ramen Pack? Local flavors flew to you so that you can have them at your home!