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Freshly baked cookies are the best. Agree? Melting chocolate chips, crisp outside, soft and chewy inside. Perfect!
Jun 09, 2017 Tags 
7 great places in Japan that you need to add to your bucket list!! - Tsunoshima bridge, Miyajima fireworks, and more!
Our bunny enjoyed traveling to European countries and some others, too!
We can not thank you enough for entering the Giveaway and the Art Contest. As a show of gratitude, we would like to share all the art submissions here.
Jun 07, 2017 Tags 
Do you know about Japan? Let's find something interesting!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this Giveaway. Art Contest for the first time turned out well too! Check out how cute the top 3 arts are😊
This month, Stationery pack was full of cute animal friends! Which one was your favorite??
What was in this sweets pack? Fruits festa with ZenPop box!
Did you enjoy the spring with brand new beauty items? Check out what was in this beauty pack!
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Do you know what bento is? It's fun, kawaii, love-infused box lunch!