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What Is The Long Long Man Commercial?
Jan 27, 2023 Tags 
You've heard about the Sakeru Gummy Commercial? One of the most popular ads in Japan!
What Are Ruby Roman Grapes?
Jan 25, 2023 Tags 
Did you know Japanese grapes are different from what you've been eating? This is why?
Why do people slurp noodles in Japan?
Jan 23, 2023 Tags 
Have you seen Japanese people slurp noodles while eating at a ramen or soba restaurant? This is why.
Hokkaido Dairy Farming
Jan 20, 2023 Tags 
Why is dairy from Hokkaido so good? It's all about their dairy farming.
What makes a drawing Kawaii?
Jan 18, 2023 Tags 
These are the details you should pay attention to if you want your drawing to be kawaii.
What is the difference between Udon and Soba?
Jan 16, 2023 Tags 
Curious to know how udon and soba are different? Read this.
What are the best Japanese Ballpoint Pens?
Jan 13, 2023 Tags 
Looking for a new ballpoint pen from Japan? This is where you should start.
What are Japanese Waffles? (And how to make them)
Jan 11, 2023 Tags 
Japanese mochi waffles are unique, tasty, and healthy. This is how you can make them at home.
What is Konjac Jelly?
Jan 09, 2023 Tags 
Konjac Jelly, known as Konnyaku in Japan, is a classic ingredient in Japanese cuisine, but, what is it exactly?
What does Sakura mean in Japan?
Sakura is not just about Cherry Blossoms or your favorite Naruto character. In Japan, Sakura carries a lot of meaning.
Japanese vs Korean Snacks: which are the best?
Jan 04, 2023 Tags 
Should you try Pocky or Pepero, Taiyaki or Bungeoppang? We've compared them all here.