5 Ways to Survive Summer in Japan
Jul 16, 2018 Tags 
How people in Japan survive hot and humid Summer 🌻
Arigatai Pack - Released in June 2018
What was in June ZenPop stationery pack?
Sanrio Character Ranking 2018
Who Got the First Place in Sanrio Character Ranking 2018??
Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018
Everything is about balance, including your palate.
Shio Sampler Pack - Released in June 2018
Shio ramen is salt-based ramen. The light soup enhances the other flavors.
Anime Snack Pack - Released in June 2018
If you are an anime fan, this pack is like a dream pack. If you are not... it’s still fantastic anyway.
Travel Cute Pack - released in June 2018
Travel cute with kawaii items direct from Japan!
Five Life Hack Snack Recipes That Will Make Your Life Easier
Jun 22, 2018 Tags 
Live a happy & easy snack life with these recipes.
Top-Selling Manga in Japan
Manga is very popular in Japan, and tons of manga released every year. Can you guess 6 top-selling manga in Japan?
ZenPop Summer Giveway
Jun 15, 2018 Tags 
We are having our biggest giveaway yet! 10 Free Stationery Packs to grab! 🎁