Japan Post resumes to France, Spain, Netherlands and Ukraine
Jul 09, 2019 Tags 
We're happy to announce that we can send ZenPop's packs via SAL again to France, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine.
Studio Ghibli Theme Park News Plus Giveaway
Jul 03, 2019 Tags 
Do you want to visit the Studio Ghibli Theme Park...in 2022?!
5 Must Go Japanese Summer Festivals
Summertime is celebrated with festivals (matsuri) all over Japan
ZenPop's August Packs are Available Now!
Jul 01, 2019 Tags 
Our brand new Stationery, Ramen, Sweets and Mix Packs are out now. Don't miss this month's themes!
5 Ways to Survive Summer in Japan
Jun 30, 2019 Tags 
How to survive a hot and humid Japanese summer! 🌻
ZenPop's July Packs Review
What was in our July Packs?
Benefits of Subscribing to ZenPop
Jun 28, 2019 Tags 
Find out all the perks to subscribing to our Japanese Sweets, Snacks and Ramen Boxes
Full Moon Magic Manga 100th post Giveaway
It's the 100th panel of our manga! Celebrate with a Giveaway!
Ishigaki, Okinawa: Japan’s Tropical Island Paradise
Jun 20, 2019 Tags 
A guide to Japan’s tropical Island Ishigaki with Luna-chan
Cooking with Luna: Takoyaki
Jun 13, 2019 Tags 
Learn how to cook Japan’s most popular street food and Osaka’s favorite soul food.