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What is Tohato?
Aug 12, 2022 Tags 
Tohato is a Japanese confectionery that dates back to 1949 and is the origin of many popular snacks in Japan and around the world! We tell you more in the article.
How to make a Japanese Bullet Journal?
Aug 09, 2022 Tags 
What is the difference between a Bujo and a Japanese Hobonichi? How to make a Japanese bullet journal? Your questions answered here.
Pocky vs Pretz: which one is better?
Aug 05, 2022 Tags 
Pocky and Pretz are both produced by the same company, Glico, but what are the differences between the 2? Is one better than the other?
What is Ume, Japanese plum?
Aug 02, 2022 Tags 
How is Ume made? Can you drink it? Is Ume a plum or an apricot? What are the healthy benefits of Ume? We're taking a look at Ume, one of Japan's most famous pickles, and answer your questions here!
ZenPop's September 2022 Packs
Aug 01, 2022 Tags 
Summer, Full Steam Ahead!
What are the different types of Japanese Mochi?
Jul 29, 2022 Tags 
How many kinds of mochi are there? What is the most popular type of mochi? What type of mochi is there? Is mochi and dango the same? We're answering your questions, and provide you a list of 10 of the best types of Japanese mochi!
Why is Japan fascinated by Poop?
Jul 27, 2022 Tags 
Let’s give a different meaning to toilet humor and take a look at Japan’s Funny Poop Products: from Museum to Stationery, there is poop on every level.
What is Obon? Japan's festival for the dead.
Jul 19, 2022 Tags 
Where does the Obon festival come from? Is Obon the equivalent of Halloween in Japan? In this article, we dive into the history and customs of the ancestor festival in Japan!
What are the most popular non-acoholic beverages in Japan?
Jul 15, 2022 Tags 
Japan has a lot of delicious, refreshing, comforting, and energizing non-alcoholic drinks to offer. From Energy drinks to Milk Based drinks, we're listing the 15 most popular drinks you can find in Japan!
What are the best Japanese stationery pens?
Jul 12, 2022 Tags 
Pilot, Zebra, Sailor, which are the best Japanese stationery pens? Here are our top 5 best Japanese stationery pens.
What are the best Japanese Otsumami snacks?
Jul 08, 2022 Tags 
Otsumami are small side dishes popular with diners at traditional Izakaya restaurants! From fried Chicken Karaage to Eihire Stingray meat, find out more about Japan's best Otsumami finger foods!