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You are going back to school, but can you survive without snacking? (That’s impossible!)
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We are giving away 1 Sweets Pack & 1 Mix Pack. You can participate in our Name The Bunny Contest, too!
What was in this Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack? Hint: cuteness overload.
What was in this Ramen Pack? Travel around the Ramen World through the eyes (bowls?) of Japan.
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Want to now the best way for rote learning? Here are the best ways to memorize for your next tests!
Japanese summer has its own hot & cool traditions that everybody can enjoy!
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Do you know about school in Japan? Well, there are many interesting features!!
The biggest fun in the summer is a festival. The biggest fun in a festival is...a firework show? Are you sure???
Jul 19, 2017
Want to make pores smaller and remove dullness on your skin? These are summer beauty essentials for you to test out!
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We now offer a subscription for our monthly Japanese Stationery Packs