ZenPop's Limited Edition Pack: Washi & Sticker Lover
Sep 28, 2020 Tags 
Our latest Limited Edition Pack was inspired by the wonderful world of washi tape and stickers!
ZenPop's October Packs: Happy Halloween
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Halloween in Japan
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A step-by-step guide to ordering on our parent site, ZenMarket
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ZenPop’s Japanese Ramen Unboxing + Giveaway: Local Favorites (September)
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Unboxing of our current Ramen Pack, PLUS special ramen giveaway!
Cute Japanese Food Mascots
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Let’s take a look at our five favorite Japanese snack mascots
ZenPop Japan: COVID-19 Update
Aug 07, 2020 Tags 
Keeping you up to date with everything you need to know (Updated 7th August)
5 Cute Japanese Characters from San-x
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