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Japanese Sweets Pack

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Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

2-3 Noodle Bowls + 6-8 Japanese Snacks

Japanese Ramen Pack

7 items per pack

Japanese Stationery

10 items per pack
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Get your monthly share of happiness with ZenPop, a service brought to you by ZenMarket Inc, a Japanese online shopping and proxy service located in Osaka, Japan. .

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Seeing is believing
You will experience exclusive & cutting edge Japanese culture by getting the packs ZenPop offers. ZenPop selects not just basic items, but also weird, extra cute or elaborate products. And everything actually works well and tastes great! Don't hesitate to try something new!
Ever try searching online to find items from Japan? It can be a little overwhelming. Our service will let you enjoy Japanese products without any trouble. Also, registration is quick and easy!
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Wherever you are, we can probably ship to you! We love being able to share amazing goods found in Japan. Shipped reliably by Japan Post to over 90 countries worldwide. Curious to try something new? We encourage you to try out one of our handpicked packs of goodies!
Great gifts
Choosing a gift for someone can be challenging, but no worries! We've got you covered. The packs we offer make awesome gifts. Why not send an instant noodle box to your son living in a dorm at college? Share the excitement of trying new Japanese products with your family and friends!
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ZenPop is a service from ZenMarket, a Japanese online shopping proxy service
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Welcome to ZenPop!
Easy and simple. Enjoy a taste of weird and cool Japanese culture with us.

Our goal is for you to enjoy Japanese products or experience Japanese culture that may be hard to find outside of Japan, and it's for everyone who wants to try something new!

This box service is similar to Japanese fukubukuro, meaning "lucky bag" or "mystery bag". You won't know what's inside the box until you receive it. We carefully select items for you that will let you discover a new part of Japanese culture, so we hope you look forward to seeing what's in our packs!

Are you looking for a good Japanese gift idea? ZenPop's Japanese packs make fantastic gifts. We are sure that you will surprise your friends or family with unique Japanese gifts if you use ZenPop! One of the reasons we started is because of how current Japanese online shops work. Sites like Amazon, Rakuten, etc. are great to purchase exclusive domestic products, but there can be plenty of issues for customers living outside Japan. For instance, every website doesn't ship internationally or simply doesn't have an English version. So we wanted to make an easy English service for you, and include hassle free shipping worldwide in the low price. We are happy to accept most credit cards as well as PayPal.

Japanese products are generally pretty cool, useful, and cute, yet sometimes… they go too far. Don't worry, that's why we have carefully selected items which are not excessive (yet still unique, useful, and enjoyable). This will set you free from time-consuming research! We pack and ship them sincerely just for you. Now everything is prepared for you, so let's give it a shot. Once you open the box, you will be obsessed with the full package of exciting Japanese products!