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What Is The Long Long Man Commercial?
Jan 27, 2023 Tags 
You've heard about the Sakeru Gummy Commercial? One of the most popular ads in Japan!
What does Sakura mean in Japan?
Sakura is not just about Cherry Blossoms or your favorite Naruto character. In Japan, Sakura carries a lot of meaning.
What are Japanese Watermelons?
Have you ever seen black or squared watermelons? They are from Japan, but why are they like that? Read more to find out.
What is Chitose Ame?
Chitose Ame is one of Japan's most popular festival candy, and is strongly linked to the Shichigosan Festival. But what exactly is it?
What is japanese paper (washi) used for?
Let's talk about Japan's paper culture and find out what it is used for.
What are the most expensive fruits in Japan?
Densuke watermelons can cost up to $6000 there are even more expensive fruits in Japan! Have you heard of White Jewel Strawberries? Here's a list of the most expensive fruits in Japan.
What does Umai mean in Japanese?
Are Umai and Umma the same? Do Umai and Oishii have the same meaning? There are small nuances to all those words, and we'll explain them in this article!
What is Dango?
Dango (団子) is a traditional glutinous rice flour-based sweet in Japan. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this famous wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery!
What is a Bento Box?
You've seen it in anime, now it's time for you to learn about it. Japanese Bento boxes are conveniently packaged portable meals usually eaten for lunch, or take out dinners.
What is Okonomiyaki?
Okonomiyaki is a specialty dish from Osaka. It's made from flour, cabbage, and some toppings like pork, shrimp, or more! But did you know that there is a version made with soba noodles? More in this article!
What is Dorayaki?
Dorayaki is an emblematic treat from Japan, adored by Doraemon and many more. Dorayaki is a traditional wagashi often will with azuki bean paste! But did you know that it brings good luck?