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What makes a drawing Kawaii?
Jan 18, 2023 Tags 
These are the details you should pay attention to if you want your drawing to be kawaii.
What are the best Japanese Ballpoint Pens?
Jan 13, 2023 Tags 
Looking for a new ballpoint pen from Japan? This is where you should start.
What does Sakura mean in Japan?
Sakura is not just about Cherry Blossoms or your favorite Naruto character. In Japan, Sakura carries a lot of meaning.
How to make a cute and Kawaii drawing?
Jan 02, 2023 Tags 
Want to make a cute and Kawaii drawing? Here's an easy tutorial for you to get started.
Why is Japanese stationery so good?
Dec 26, 2022 Tags 
You've heard of Japan's reputation for making quality products, but why is their stationery actually so good? Find out in this article.
How to make a Paper Crane Origami?
Dec 16, 2022 Tags 
Ever wanted to get started with Japanese Paper folding? Here's how to make a beautiful Japanese Paper Crane Origami, and why it's such an important symbol.
What is japanese paper (washi) used for?
Let's talk about Japan's paper culture and find out what it is used for.
20 Creative Washi Tape Art Ideas
Nov 14, 2022 Tags 
You've got a lot of Washi Tape, but don't know what to do with it? Here are 20 creative ideas on how you can use Washi Tape to decorate your life!
The 8 best stationery items from Muji
Nov 09, 2022 Tags 
If you're going to Muji for stationery, those are the 8 best items you can get!
8 Must-have stationery items from Japan
Nov 04, 2022 Tags 
There is so much great stationery in Japan that it's hard to choose what to get! Here's our top 8 of items you should have in your set up!
What is the difference between Washi Tape and Masking Tape?
Sep 30, 2022 Tags 
Washi Tape and Masking Tape are not exactly the same. But do you know why? We'll explain the difference of those 2 popular tape and more in this article!