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ZenPop's October 2023 Boxes
Oct 01, 2023 Tags 
Brand new boxes with new treats and new surprises to get your ready for Halloween!
Five Life Hack Snack Recipes That Will Make Your Life Easier
Jun 22, 2018 Tags 
Live a happy & easy snack life with these recipes.
Bread of Japan - 5 must tries for you
May 14, 2018 Tags 
Explore a Japanese bakery with ZenPop!
Jagarico - Heavenly Crunchy Potato Chips
Mar 19, 2018 Tags 
If you’re a fan of Japanese snacks, Jagarico is a must try!
5 Japanese Snacks With Punny Names
Puns are fun! Learn a bit of Japanese language and culture with punny snack names.
COUNTRY MA’AM - the Best Store-Bought Cookie in Japan?!
Jun 10, 2017 Tags 
Freshly baked cookies are the best. Agree? Melting chocolate chips, crisp outside, soft and chewy inside. Perfect!