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What Are Ruby Roman Grapes?
Jan 25, 2023 Tags 
Did you know Japanese grapes are different from what you've been eating? This is why?
Hokkaido Dairy Farming
Jan 20, 2023 Tags 
Why is dairy from Hokkaido so good? It's all about their dairy farming.
What are Japanese Waffles? (And how to make them)
Jan 11, 2023 Tags 
Japanese mochi waffles are unique, tasty, and healthy. This is how you can make them at home.
What is Konjac Jelly?
Jan 09, 2023 Tags 
Konjac Jelly, known as Konnyaku in Japan, is a classic ingredient in Japanese cuisine, but, what is it exactly?
What are the best Ramune flavors?
Dec 21, 2022 Tags 
Ramune, one of Japan's most popular drink, comes in many delicious flavors. Let's have a look at the best!
What is Japanese Hamster Bread?
Dec 14, 2022 Tags 
You've read about Hamster Bread rolls and are confused about it? They are not real hamsters, of course, but delicious Japanese pastries!
What are Miyazaki Mangoes?
Dec 12, 2022 Tags 
4,000 USD: that's the price of a Miyazaki Mango at an auction. This article tells you why Japanese mangoes are so expensive and delicious.
What is a Japanese Fruit Sandwich?
Dec 05, 2022 Tags 
A sandwich with fruits? Yes, it's a very popular snack in Japan! Where does it come from and how to make one at home? It's all in this article.
What are Japanese Watermelons?
Have you ever seen black or squared watermelons? They are from Japan, but why are they like that? Read more to find out.
What is Kinako Powder?
Nov 23, 2022 Tags 
Find out what Kinako is, Japan's favorite soybean-based topping for mochi!
What is Calpico? (Ultimate guide to Calpico)
Nov 18, 2022 Tags 
You've seen Calpico in the supermarket but don't know what it is? You've heard of Calpis but are wondering if it's the same? All your questions about Calpico answered here.