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What is Wasabi made of ?
Sep 01, 2023 Tags 
You've had Wasabi with your sushi, but do you know what it's made of?
What makes Okinawa Sweet Potato different?
Jul 14, 2023 Tags 
You knew about Sweet Potatoes, but what about sweet potatoes from Okinawa? We explain the difference!
The Ultimate Guide to Yoshoku: Japan's Love Affair with Western-style Cuisine
Jul 04, 2023 Tags 
Discover Japan's take on western dishes, yoshoku, and our 5 favorite you should try on your next visit!
What is a Takana Onigiri?
Jun 15, 2023 Tags 
Takana is an orignal pickled green from Japan, often paired with rice! We tell you all about it.
The 10 best Japanese Festival Food you should try
Jun 14, 2023 Tags 
10 dishes that should be on your checklist for your next visit to a Japanese festival!
What is Warabi Mochi?
Jun 07, 2023 Tags 
It's not just a regular Mochi, it's Warabi Mochi: but what makes it different? We explain.
Sushi vs. Sashimi
May 19, 2023 Tags 
Ever wondered what the difference between sushi and sashimi is? We explain it here.
What is Natto?
May 18, 2023 Tags 
Ever wondered what those slimy beans are all about? Discover Natto, one of Japan's healthiest ingredient!
What is Mentaiko, Japanese Cod Roe?
May 15, 2023 Tags 
Unraveling the Mystery of Mentaiko, a Japanese delicacy!
The Best Japanese Street Food
May 12, 2023 Tags 
Japanese Street Food: What to eat and where to find it!
What is Hibachi, Japan's open fire grill?
May 11, 2023 Tags 
Discover Hibachi, one of Japan's most popular cooking techniques!