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What is Obon? Japan's festival for the dead.
Where does the Obon festival come from? Is Obon the equivalent of Halloween in Japan? In this article, we dive into the history and customs of the ancestor festival in Japan!
New Year Holiday Break 2021
Dec 23, 2020 Tags 
Wishing you a safe and relaxing holiday season!
6 New Year Japanese Traditions
The most important event of year - the Japanese New Year - is marked with many traditions and customs
Japan’s Most Romantic Christmas Dates!
Our top 4 date ideas for celebrating Christmas in Japan with your special someone! 💕
Pocky and Pretz Day: Let's Celebrate these Iconic Snacks!
Two of Japan’s most iconic snacks have a day just to celebrate their tastiness!
Give the Perfect Gift: A ZenPop Subscription Box
You can now give ZenPop as a gift, plus personalize with a kawaii card!
Christmas in Japan: Is it Celebrated?
You'll be surprised to find out how Christmas is uniquely celebrated in Japan!
Halloween in Japan
Let’s see how Japan celebrates the spooky season!
Golden Week in Japan
May 05, 2020 Tags 
Japan's busiest holiday season is here!
Hinamatsuri - It’s a Day for Girls
A special day for girls in Japan. Let's wish them success and happiness!
Japan's Most Unusual Holidays
What silly holidays do you celebrate?