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Hinamatsuri - It’s a Day for Girls
A special day for girls in Japan. Let's wish them success and happiness!
5 Must Go Japanese Summer Festivals
Summertime is celebrated with festivals (matsuri) all over Japan
Kansai's Best Ohanami Spots
Where are you enjoying an Ohanami Picnic this Spring?
The Most Kawaii Animals
Rejoice at the sight of all this kawaii !
New Year’s Eve Noodles
We eat toshikoshi soba to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new.
World EXPO Held in Japan
Nov 26, 2018 Tags 
Let’s look at what Japan did for past two and what Osaka is going to do for 2025!!
The Different Types of Japanese Kimono
Nov 12, 2018 Tags 
Did you know we have many types of Kimono?
How Japanese Support Sports Team
Sep 01, 2018 Tags 
Interesting Japanese things about sports watching!!
Top 7 Theme Park in Japan
Japan has many exciting theme parks/amusement parks! Find your favorite and visit when you come to Japan🗾
Valentine's Day in Japanese Style
Valentine's Day in Japan is a bit peculiar. Do you wanna join us?
JUNISHI -Twelve Zodiac Signs-
Have you heard about JUNISHI? It’s one of interesting Japanese culture!