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How To Cook Shirataki Noodles
May 04, 2023 Tags 
Learn 3 easy recipes with Shirataki Noodles and add this delicious Japanese staple to your cookbook!
Tonkotsu Ramen Guide: Where to eat the best in the world
May 02, 2023 Tags 
What actually gets into a Tonkotsu Ramen? We break down the ingredients and tell you where you can eat the best ramen in the world!
What Are Shirataki Noodles?
Apr 28, 2023 Tags 
Are Shirataki Noodles really zer-calories? This, and more in our article about Japanese Shirataki Noodles!
What is Shoyu Ramen: Japan's most versatile ramen dish?
Apr 21, 2023 Tags 
Discover the versality of Japan's most popular ramen dish: shoyu ramen, or soy sauce ramen as it's called in English!
Are Ramen Healthy? The Surprising Health Benefits of Authentic Japanese Ramen
Apr 20, 2023 Tags 
Ramen can be healthy, and a very nutritious meal if you pay attention to those points!
TikTok Ramen: A Comprehensive Guide
Apr 10, 2023 Tags 
What is TikTok ramen and how to make it: explained in 2 minutes!
How to hold chopsticks properly (and what not do do with them!)
Mar 10, 2023 Tags 
Wondering which finger to place where on a pair of chopsticks? This is how you should do it!
What are the types of Japanese chopsticks? (and how to use them)
Mar 06, 2023 Tags 
Confused about chopsticks? These are the most common types in Japan!
What are Nagashi Somen? (and where to eat them)
Feb 21, 2023 Tags 
Catch the flow of deliciousness with Nagashi Somen, a unique type of somen noodles from Japan.
Why do people slurp noodles in Japan?
Jan 23, 2023 Tags 
Have you seen Japanese people slurp noodles while eating at a ramen or soba restaurant? This is why.
What is the difference between Udon and Soba?
Jan 16, 2023 Tags 
Curious to know how udon and soba are different? Read this.