The Top 10 Noodle Influencers

The Top 10 Noodle Influencers

Oct 11, 2023 Tags 

Many people love noodles because they can be cooked in different ways from steaming bowls of ramen to savory plates of pasta, but not all of us have the time to try out different cooking styles. That’s why we have influencers who would do everything from visiting trending noodle restaurants to rating noodles and trying out new recipes so you don’t have to. 

Following these influencers will give you an opportunity to enjoy the diverse world of noodles from your bedroom. In this article, we’ll focus on the coolest noodle enthusiasts on the internet - the top 10 noodle influencers who are as passionate about noodles as you are! These influencers aren't just about food; they're storytellers, culinary artists, and connoisseurs of all things noodle-related. So, grab your chopsticks or fork (no judgment here!), and let's meet these fantastic noodle influencers.


ZENPOP JAPAN (@zenpopjapan)


ZenPop Japan Ramen


When it comes to noodles, ZenPop Japan is the company to follow on all social networks. This subscription box service has a Japanese ramen box package that offers premium, handpicked noodles, including ramen, udon, soba, and more. As part of their social media strategy, Zenpop creates noodle content by showing you how you can make the several Japanese noodles you find in their subscription boxes. These noodle packs ensure that you get a taste of Japan's rich noodle culture without leaving your home. 


Why ZenPop Japan Tops the List


  • Variety: ZenPop Japan has a diverse selection of authentic noodles from Japan. Their pack ensures that you have access to an extensive range of noodle experiences.
  • Convenience: With ZenPop, you don't have to hunt for exotic noodles or worry about import logistics. They deliver right to your doorstep.
  • Seasonal Surprises: Every month, the ramen box changes! ZenPop Japan goes beyond the ordinary by celebrating the changing seasons. With their boxes, you'll discover limited-time flavors and ingredients that testify to Japan's rich culinary traditions.


PASTA QUEEN (@the_pastaqueen)


Pasta Queen


In the world of noodles, Italian pasta holds a place of honor, and there's no one better to guide us through this culinary journey than the Pasta Queen herself. Pasta Queen is an Italian food influencer called Nadia Caterina Munno who celebrates the beauty of Italian pasta dishes. 

What sets the Pasta Queen apart is her ability to take the simple concept of pasta and elevate it to a higher form of culinary artistry. She goes beyond the standard spaghetti and meatballs, venturing into the world of handmade ravioli and delicate fettuccine. Her recipes have also been made into a cookbook that you can buy to learn different ways of cooking pasta. Her reels give a detailed step-by-step guide on making mouthwatering pasta that ranges from traditional classics to daring experiments like orange zest pasta.


RAMENGUIDEJAPAN (@ramenguidejapan)


Ramen Guide Japan


This page is filled with close to a thousand pictures of the different noodles served in Japanese restaurants. Ramen Guide Japan is dedicated to uncovering the best ramen shops in Japan. From restaurants like Mensho Yosuke Torinitei in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, to Shinonome Noodle in Kameido, Tokyo, you’ll be sure to get expert recommendations on where to find the most exquisite bowls of ramen. 

Follow this page if you ever find yourself planning a trip to Japan. You won’t have to waste time figuring out the best ramen restaurants yourself. They also have a website of the same name that is more organized with full reviews. 


NOODLE WORSHIP (@noodleworship)


Noodle Worship


Noodle Worship is a social media page and website run by Tiffani and Larone that focuses on posting noodle recipe videos using simple everyday ingredients. Noodle Worship does not only post its own special noodle recipes, but it also posts noodles made by other food content creators, so you get to learn how they are made in different parts of the world.  

This isn't just an Instagram sensation with over 700 thousand followers; it's a passion project that's built around an insatiable love for noodles. With each video, photograph, and post, this influencer immerses you in the tantalizing world of noodles. You get to watch vegan noodles, Italian ricotta pasta, and Japanese ramen recipes all on one page. 


WIL YEUNG (@yeungmancooking)


Wil Yeung


With over 1M followers on YouTube, Hong Kong-born and Canadian-raised Wil Yeung started his cooking channel over 10 years ago. As a YouTube chef, he has created over 500 videos of unique Asian and international meal recipes. One of his most popular videos is a garlic chili noodles recipe with close to 5M views. He has a playlist called Vegan Ramen Recipes with over 50 videos of recipes. If you are looking to learn how to make ramen in the comfort of your home, then subscribe to his channel for full videos or follow him on Instagram for shorter versions where the full recipe is written in the caption. 


JANINE BRUNO (@homemadebybruno)


Janine Bruno


Just like Pasta Queen, homemade by Bruno is a page that showcases amazing Italian pasta recipes to its followers. Her mouthwatering photos and creative recipes will inspire you to experiment with pasta in your kitchen. One fun thing about this page is that you learn how to make pasta from scratch. She even teaches users how to get the perfect twists and swirls on their pasta.  Follow her page for a guide on how to make pasta with simple ingredients in your home. 


RASA MALAYSIA (@rasa_malaysia)


Rasa Malaysia


Rasa Malaysia is run by Bee Yinn Low, who is a cookbook author and recipe enthusiast. She makes amazing dishes using Asian and international recipes from Japan, Thailand, China, Korea, America, Italy, and, of course, Malaysia. Although she posts short cooking videos with her special recipes on social media, you will get the most value from her website, where all her meals are categorized properly. If you search for recipes using the keyword “noodles,” you will get over 300 recipes you can try out at home. 


DISHA (@breakthespice_)




Disha is a food influencer with many authentic, easy-to-make noodle and pasta recipes. She shares short videos of cooking noodles on her page, and the caption has the complete recipe for free. Even though the recipes are simple, the dish's presentation inspires you to make the most of simple meals. Her Instant Noodle Recipes offers creative ideas for elevating your instant noodle game, and you can learn how to transform a basic bowl of noodles into a gourmet meal.


AYUSHI GUPTA-MEHRA (@the_foodiediaries)


Ayushi Gupta Mehra


This page was created by an Indian writer and vegetarian who creates vegan-friendly recipes for all types of common meals, including noodles. She has recipes for Korean, Indian, and Japanese styles of noodles, like cheesy ramen, curry noodles, and noodle soup dishes. This influencer is all about homemade noodle recipes, so if you're looking to craft your own noodle dishes, you’ll get plenty of guidance and inspiration.




The Ramen Rater


The Ramen Rater has reviewed thousands of instant noodle varieties from around the world. Their top 10 on their website features articles like top instant noodles, top cup noodles, and even a bottom 10 list. With a focus on flavor, texture, and authenticity, their reviews help noodle enthusiasts discover new favorites. You can even read the rating of noodles served in popular restaurants in Japan. So if you don’t want to waste your time figuring out the best type of instant noodles to buy or where you can eat good-tasting ramen in Japan, then you should definitely follow Ramen Rater. 

There you have it! The top 10 influencers to follow for all things noodles in 2023. 

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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem and edited by us.