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Japanese Ramen Pack

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RA17 - June 2018 CURRENT PACK

Shio Sampler Pack

  • Chicken Shio Ramen
  • Pokemon Seafood Noodles
  • Shio Yakisoba
  • Wonton Chicken Dashi Shio Noodles
  • Shio Ramen Donburi
  • + 4 more salty savory bowls to try…

Shio is one of the main 3 types of ramen tare (soup bases) you'll find in Japan. the others being miso and shoyu. Shio is simply a salt base so the taste is not as rich as miso or soy sauce soups. It is great with seafood and chicken to create a refreshing and satisfying bowl of noodles. Do you have a favorite type of ramen yet?

In this ZenPop Ramen Pack, enjoy a sampling of different takes on shio noodles, and try a few other Japanese dishes like soba and udon as well.

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.

What is Shio Ramen?

Made from a salt base, the soup is usually a bit lighter and lets the other flavors sing.

What's Inside a Ramen Pack?

9 or more varieties in every box.

RAMEN - One of Japan's great treasures! Ramen comes in a range of flavors including shoyu, shio, miso, and tonkotsu soups. Interesting regional varieties from across Japan also included.

SOBA - Made from buckwheat, soba noodles are a bit earthy and definitely fill you up. You'l find these noodles in an exclectic mix of Japanese dashi.

UDON - Chewy white noodles in a dashi stock, these hearty varieties will give you a real taste of Japan. It's comoon to see curry flavor with udon too.

YAKISOBA - Yakisoba is not actually soba noodles! A soupless grilled noodle dish covered in a sweet and savory sauce often served at festivals. The biggest items in a ZenPop pack!

Featuring Japanese Brands:

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Definitely impressed with this set - $29.50 with shipping included is quite a deal!


I wouldn't hesitate to buy this box again and I highly recommend it for ramen lovers. If, like me, you can't get to Japan, having these authentic meals delivered to your door is probably the next best thing!


For all you ramen lovers outside of Japan, rejoice - ZenPop ramen pack is such a convenient way to get ramen sent directly to your home.


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