What are the best ramen toppings at home?

What are the best ramen toppings at home?

Let's be honest, ramen is one of the most fun meals to eat. It's not just Naruto's favorite meal, many people around the world love ramen too. This could be because it can be taken on the go as a light meal, or you can add a few sides to give it that extra flare. Let's not forget that instant ramen is cheap and that inevitable slurping makes it worthwhile. 

Ramen isn't really restricted to the instructions written on the package, you are allowed to spice it up! The best part is, you don't have to be a chef to get the best 'ichiraku level' ramen meal. If you aren't an expert in the art of upgrading your ramen, keep reading for tips. At the end of this article, you'll become a certified ramen chef (at least enough to impress your friends). 


Ramen toppings


What Can I Eat With My Ramen Noodles? 


The short answer is —anything! Seriously, there's a whole lot of things you have in your fridge that can upgrade your ramen meal. 


Toppings and Sides



Best ramen toppings




The great thing about eggs is that there are so many ways you can incorporate them in ramen. First, you can crack the raw egg right inside boiling ramen to thicken the broth or you can boil it with the shell until it's hard. Next, you can even add scrambled eggs on the side of your ramen dish. The possibilities are endless, you can't go wrong with eggs. 




Eating vegetables as kids was always a hassle however, when it comes to ramen, you should definitely not skip your veggies. You can improve the texture of your meal by adding diced carrots, spinach, corn, mushrooms, peas or cabbage towards the end when boiling ramen. It also adds flavor and improves the looks of the meal aesthetically. 




Kimchi is pickled and spicy vegetables. There are many types of kimchi like cabbage, cucumber, or chive. You can easily find them in your local Korean grocery store. The most popular kind is the cabbage kimchi. It gives a spicy and salty addition to your ramen broth. There's also this satisfying crunch when chewing kimchi that makes the meal much more interesting. 


Green onions


Green onion topping


Green onions or scallion is one of the most popular additions to ramen. Even if you're not going for overly garnished ramen, the green color makes the dish look beautiful. You literally just fry the scallions a little bit in oil, then toss it inside the boiling noodles along with a splash of soy or oyster sauce for flavor. 


Let's take a look on how to upgrade your ramen easily with some afforable toppings! No cooking is needed at all!





Bacon / chicken / steak


We all can't resist that dash of chewy protein with ramen. If you have the time, you can roast some pork belly or bacon or just opt for other proteins like chicken and beef. Chicken can be cut into small pieces or cooked in large portions. Steak can get very hard, so cutting it into small pieces will help you chew it faster. 




Yes, Hotdogs can be a great addition to your ramen. Just get a pack, dice 2 or 3 sausages and fry it a little. Next, throw it into your pot of boiling ramen and mix. You're going to get a salty pang when you bite into one of the pieces but it's a wonderful flavor. 


Coconut Milk


Before you scoff at it, consider it. Coconut milk is super creamy with that nutty taste. By adding it to your broth, it makes it thicker and creamier. Who doesn't love the taste of coconut?


Sesame seeds


Have you ever tried sprinkling a little portion of roasted sesame seeds on your ramen? If not, you're missing out on a completely unique flavor. 


Seaweed/ Nori


When you get served ramen in local restaurants there's usually a sheet of seaweed on the side for that crunchiness. You can cut these sheets into thin strips or crumble them on top of your ramen broth. 


Shrimps /prawns


Nori is not the only way to add that hint of the sea in your ramen. You can make it a seafood meal by adding Shrimps, prawns or even oysters. The broth will taste completely different with that signature salty richness of seafood. Don't worry, ramen is super flexible and anything goes.


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Rmane flavors


Toppings are good and all but have you considered ditching the spice packet and using your own flavors? If not, it's time to experiment with these:


Miso paste


All you need is a spoon of miso to flavor your broth, and you'll be addicted. You have more control over how much salt will be in your broth. Besides, miso will add that perfect blend of savory, salty, sour taste. Also, it is high in sodium that is good for your body and gut. Look for miso paste at Japanese grocery stores. 


Soy sauce/ Oyster sauce


It's pretty common to have some sauces lying about at home. Ditch the usual spices and use these sauces for your ramen. You can also add chilli sauce, garlic or ginger sauce as well. Remember that these sauces have added salts so carefully measure a few spoons of them. Don't eyeball it or you may end up with very salty ramen. 




This is a popular Japanese seasoning that is typically served on rice. It is typically a mix of seaweed, salt, fish flakes or bonito, sesame seeds, and sugar. The gist is, it is a pretty strong flavor and it can work well with your ramen. 


Extra Tips 


Ramen with toppings


To truly enjoy ramen like Japanese people, follow these tips. 

  • Get a large bowl for your ramen. It has to be big enough to contain a lot of broth and toppings. Besides, you should be able to sit back and admire the presentation of the ramen before diving in. 
  • You need chopsticks as well as a soup spoon. You scoop the broth with the soup spoon and you eat the ramen with the chopsticks. Hold the spoon in your left hand and the chopsticks with your right. It may seem stressful but this makes eating the meal easier. 
  • Start eating your ramen immediately you serve it. It should take an average of 10 minutes to finish. You don't want to get soggy noodles, it does not taste as good as fresh ramen. 
  • Don't forget to alternate between ramen, topping and broth. You want to relish all of the flavors so find a balance. 


Are you ready to make your ramen even better? We've got your covered, with additional ramen hacks, and also delicious ramen portions delivered to your home!


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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem, and edited by us.