ZenPop's August 2021 Packs

ZenPop's August 2021 Packs

Jun 30, 2021 Tags 


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✍️ Stationery - Memory Lane
🍋 Ramen - Citrus Wave
☀️ Sweets - Sunshine Rapture
🥓 Mix - Izakaya Night-In

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Sweets Pack - Sunshine Rapture


ZenPop Sweets Pack: Sunshine Rapture


Sunbathe, Suntan, Sunshine Rapture. Now’s the season to go out and enjoy some quality time under the sun and charge up on vitamin D. While out for a fresh dose of sunlight, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your sweet & savory cravings packed up in a lovely ZenPop box with some refreshing surprises! Make sure to give a try to the alphonso mango gummy and to keep some of the mochi for yourself in this month’s Sunshine Rapture Sweets Pack, which also includes:


  • Chipstar Sesame Oil Chips
  • Toppo Salt Vanilla Flavor
  • Dodekai Ramen x CoCo Ichiban Curry Chips
  • Country Ma’am Café au Lait
  • PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!


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Ramen Pack - Citrus Wave


ZenPop's Ramen Pack: Citrus Wave


Are you ready to be hit by some citrusy flavors? Summer heat rolled into Osaka like a tidal wave, and we are constantly looking for the best refreshments! How about a tasty selection of summer noodles? Ramen with lemon-flavored chicken or a dash or olive oil for some Mediterranean feel? If that doesn’t make you travel from Japan to the French Riviera, you might want to give a try to the cold udon, a summer only specialty in Japan, and enjoy the refreshing taste of Japanese noodles. This month’s Citrus Wave Ramen Pack includes:


  • Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen Lemon & Olive Oil
  • Cupnoodle BIG Fried Chicken and Lemon
  • Cold Niku Udon
  • QTTA Secret Spicy Miso
  • PLUS 3 more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!



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Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack - Izakaya Night-In


ZenPop's Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack: Izakaya Night-In


Have you ever been to one of Japan’s many Izakaya? Those local pubs, bars or restaurants are tucked into every corner of the country’s cities. They are a place where people gather after work to share a few bites and spend a relaxing evening! We’ve sourced some of the best products to have your friends and family come over for a lovely Japanese-themed night in! Discover the flavors of CoCo Ichibanya, the famous curry house, or some karaage (deep-fried chicken) flavored chips in our Izakaya Night-In Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack:


  • CoCo Ichiban Curry Yakisoba 
  • Levain Prime Wasabi Parmesan Cheese
  • Hitokuchi Izakaya Otsumami Karaage Flavor
  • Meiji Kaju Gummies Golden Pineapple
  • PLUS even more delicious snacks and noodles!


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Stationery Pack - Memory Lane


ZenPop's Stationery Pack: Memory Lane


Ready to take a trip down Memory Lane? This month’s stationery pack will take you right there with a few retro-themed items! We’ve also curated you a unique washi tape book that you can use to cut out your desired shape and a classic pencil sharpener that’ll make you feel like you’re back on the school bench: you know, the kind you always had to borrow from the person next to you because someone took yours without ever returning it? Enjoy this month’s selection of items in our Memory Lane Stationery Pack:


  • Kotorimachi Shotengai Sticky Memo
  • Kutsuwa Pencil Sharpener
  • Mitsubishi Pencil w/ Eraser
  • Sarasa Vintage Color Pens with Clip
  • PLUS more cute and useful stationery items!


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