ZenPop's April Packs Out Now

ZenPop's April Packs Out Now

Springtime in Japan is magical! Experience the beauty of sakura (cherry blossom) season for yourself with ZenPop's Japanese subscription boxes!

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Stationery - Sakura (Sold Out)


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery Pack


Our highly-anticipated Sakura Pack returns to celebrate the arrival of the new season and Japan's beautiful cherry blossoms. Sakura is a very special flower in Japan and brings joy to millions of people when it blooms. Experience the captivating sakura season for yourself this month with our Sakura Pack!

Your Sakura Stationery Pack includes:

  1. Kuretake Zig Letter Pen COCOIRO
  2. Ballsign Lamé Pen
  3. Frixion Erasable Flower Stamp
  4. Gilded Sakura Washi Tape
  5. Colorful Flower Memo
  6. Sakura Stickers
  7. Sakura Postcard
  8. Sakura Washi Tape
  9. Little Garden Case*
  10. Little Garden Notebook*
  11. Little Garden Masking Stickers*

*The Little Garden Series products are from local and bespoke stationery brand, Ryu Ryu. Find out more about this cute company.

10 beautiful stationery products are included in your ZenPop Japanese Stationery subscription box.


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Ramen - Fresh Flavors


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen Pack


Start the new season with a whole lotta flavor! It's time to say “Sayonara” to heavy winter foods and “Konnichiwa” to the fresh, light and bold flavors of spring! We’re delivering you the classic Japanese noodle dishes you know and love, but each with a punchy twist to ignite your appetite! Itadakimasu!

Your New Flavors Japanese Ramen Pack includes:

  1. Yuzu Chicken Shio Mazesoba
  2. Ginger Shoyu Ramen
  3. Kansai-Style Kombu Dashi Udon
  4. Hachioji Shoyu Ramen
  5. Shoyu Kai-Dashi Chuka Soba
  6. Niku Soba
  7. Natsukashi No Miso Ramen

7 fresh and new full-sized Japanese noodle bowls are included in your ZenPop Japanese Ramen subscription box.


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Ramen + Sweets Mix - Spring Picnic


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix PackJapanese Ramen + Sweets Subscription Box | February's theme: Midnight Snacks


Before the sakura (cherry) trees bloom, the beautiful plum blossoms do! Ume (plum) is a huge part of Japanese culture, both for its sweet-smelling blossoms and as a delicious food. Welcome the new season with the sweet, salty and sour flavor of pickled plum - your taste buds will thank you later!

Your Spring Picnic Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack includes:

  1. Maruchan's Ume Shio Soba Ramen (New Release)
  2. Ekimae Shokudo Miso Ramen
  3. Calbee's Sour Plum Jagariko (Limited Edition)
  4. Milky's Pink Sakura Chocolate (New Release)
  5. BonchiAge Kishu Ume
  6. Fettuccine Gummy Italian Peach
  7. Cheese Umaibo
  8. Peach Gum Sour Surprise

2 full sized noodle dishes plus 6 sweet and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix subscription box.


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Sweets - Hanami Party


ZenPop's Japanese Sweets Pack


The plum and cherry trees have started to bloom...spring is here! Gather your friends and celebrate with a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party beneath the blossoms. Bring-your-own picnic rug and paper plates and we'll provide the perfect picnic basket, bursting with sweet and savory treats!

Your Hanami Party Japanese Sweets Pack includes:

  1. Tirol's Sakuramochi Choco
  2. Tohato's Hinamatsuri Caramel Corn
  3. Koikeya's Plum Stick Chips
  4. Cororo's Peach Gummies
  5. Lotte's Koume Soft Candy
  6. Cherry Chews
  7. Puchi Choco
  8. Red Tongue Gum
  9. Cherry Mochi
  10. Fluffy Softmallow
  11. Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie
  12. Garlic Steal Potato Friez
  13. Pucca Chocolate
  14. Mini Genji Pie
  15. Shrimp Black Pepper Otsumami

15 different sweet and savory Japanese snacks are included in your ZenPop Sweets subscription box.


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