Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Brunella

Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Brunella

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Have you met...Brunella?

Brunella, from Canada, loves everything about Japan and it's her dream to visit this magical place one day.

However, until then, she found the next best thing...experiencing Japan through ZenPop's subscription boxes!

Brunella has enjoyed more than 30 packs over the years - a mix of stationery and snacks

Thank you for your support Brunella!


"ZenPop has really awesome subscription boxes if you want to discover Japan without going bankrupt. Each package I received was a little trip to Japan's flavors and culture and I would highly recommend it!"


Have you ever visited Japan? 

No!!! :( and oh my, I so wish to come to Japan!!! It's my dream. I practice Iaido, I try to cook a lot of Japanese dishes and have started learning Japanese so really the next step would be to come on holiday to Japan right? ;)


What fascinates you the most about Japanese culture?

Everything really... the culture and history first and above all, together with the great focus on traditions, the great attention to detail ON EVERYTHING.


How did you hear about ZenPop?

I first heard about you through Youtube as I was looking for a subscription box on Japanese stationery.


Why did you decide to subscribe to ZenPop?

I really loved the amount of items that were shown in the box and the level of novelty of each of them as well as the price for the box.


What has your ZenPop experience been like?

A very very good one!

The few times I had a lost package in the post, I contacted Customer Service and my issue was always dealt with promptly and in a very professional manner.

I can only say very good things about ZenPop customer service and general service. ❤️


What were your favorite themes?

I preferred more culturally related packages like those linked to festivities and tradition more than the kawaii ones.

I loved discovering new foods and got myself totally lost in some of the chocolate based snack bars, to the point that I had to order more of them from another supplier to fix my craving!!!!


Did you have a particular item you loved the most?

Too many to be honest, but for stationery I would say Kitta washi strips, foldable scissors, glue pens and novelty papers. For food, I really enjoyed the savoury snacks.


What did you enjoy most about your ZenPop subscription?

I really loved the fact that each box came with a description pamphlet to explain the products and introduce some of the Japanese cultural aspects.


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