Brunch in Japan: It’s (Kinda) a Thing

Brunch in Japan: It’s (Kinda) a Thing

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Brunch...the lovely meal that you get to enjoy when you don’t have anything to do that day!

The ZenPop team includes an American and an Australian, who were both big fans of brunch in their home countries.

We love it so much that this month's Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack is full of brunch-y flavors!

What’s better than starting your weekend with a sleep-in, followed by a late breakfast/early lunch (brunch) with your BFFs at your favorite cafe?

Think crispy bacon and soft eggs, crunchy hash browns, fluffy pancakes, french toast or Belgian waffles, strong coffee and maybe even a cheeky mimosa (champagne and orange juice).

In Japan, mornings are done a little differently!

A morning set (モーニングセット) is a simple breakfast menu of coffee and a light meal - usually a buttered piece of thick white toast, boiled egg and salad.

And the best part, all of this can be yours for the bargain price of 500 yen (or under)!

Japanese-style breakfast morning set
Photo credit: Tokyo Cheapo

Most hotels offer the option of a Japanese-style breakfast of grilled fish, rice and pickles, but coffee shops tend to stick to the Western-style menu.

Morning sets are usually served until about 10 or 11am, which is only just the start of the brunching hour!

While finding a brunch place in Japan is not always easy, but we’ve found three options that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings!

Each of these cafes has stores all across Japan, so you’ll never be too far from your french toast!

1. Eggs’n Things

Their Hawaiin-inspired menu includes brunch staples, like eggs benedict (with spam!) and french toast, as well as a few of your favorites with a twist, like pineapple crepes and banana and macadamia nut waffles. Or if you’re on a health kick, try their Poke (diced raw fish) or Açaí bowl.

Breakfast and brunch menu at Eggs'n Things in Japan
Photo credit: Eggs’n Things

2. gram cafe and pancakes

If you’re craving pancakes, gram is the place to go! Try their fluffy pancakes, a Japanese specialty, or stick to what you know with the Western-style pancakes. Enjoy some interesting flavor combinations, such as coconut custard, tiramisu or matcha.

Pancakes at gram cafe and pancakes in Japan
Photo credit: gram cafe and pancakes

3. Royal Host

Family restaurants, like Denny’s or Cocos, are known for their huge menus and reasonable prices. Royal Host is an interesting, but solid, brunch option that blends Western and Japanese-style menus. Enjoy your fried eggs and bacon, with a side of miso, rice and pickles! With brioche french toast, pancakes, hamburger steaks and curry - everyone at your table should be satisfied!

Breaking morning set at Royal Host, Japan
Photo credit: Royal Host

As you know, Japanese snack companies can work magic when it comes to recreating flavors.

So, if you can’t make it to your favorite cafe this weekend, try some of the brunchy delights from our current Mix Pack including Belgian Waffle Crisps, Cafe Au Lait Bisco, Maple Syrup Hotcakes, Pure Melon Gummies and Kaku Tama Udon (topped with cooked egg).

ZenPop's May Brunch Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack
Photo: May's Brunch Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack