Halloween Mix & Sweets Pack - Released in October 2018

Halloween Mix & Sweets Pack - Released in October 2018

How was your Halloween? ZenPop enjoyed Halloween with Halloween foods from Japan. Let’s review what kinds of halloween snacks and ramen we have in the October pack!!

Halloween Party Pack - October Sweets Pack

As always, we included 15 snacks in the sweets pack such as marshmallows, Kit Kat, pural gummy, and so on. But for this month, we choose some unique Halloween snacks as well! Let’s take a look on it 👀

Monster Stamp
You can stamp some creatures or ghost with this Monster stamp. Warn that your tongue will be colored by licking the stamp face. Might remain till next morning when you enjoy monster stamp on night!!

Black Tongue Gum
Coca Cola flavor gum makes your mouth and tongue black. Check in with mirror after you finish chewing this funny gum👅 Your tongue might become like a ghost or a creature.

Country ma'am
Halloween package Country ma’am to get ready for Halloween!! Fujiya's mascot Peko-chan dressed as witch and Poko-chan as dracula. What costume did you wear for this Halloween?

October Mix pack was also Halloween theme🎃

Halloween Harvest Pack - October Mix Pack

Rich Tonkotsu Ramen & Pumpkin Potage Soup
This was our first time to include cup soup in our Mix pack! Mild potage soup filled with pumpkin's sweetness is best for Halloween.

Caramel Corn Halloween
Pizza Flavor Potato Chips
KITKAT Luxury Every Day ~Matcha Double Berry & Almond~
Halloween Poteco
Supplement Puree Gummies and so on...!!

In Japan, we do not have customs to do Trick or Treat, by people enjoy halloween in various ways. Some people wear costumes, some people eat halloween sweets, and some people goes to Universal Studio or Disney Land/Sea. What it your favorite way to enjoy halloween?