Autumn in Japan is the Best Season for...

Autumn in Japan is the Best Season for...

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You probably already know that autumn is the season to watch the leaves change color and enjoy Halloween.

But in Japan, autumn is the best season for many things!

There is an expression that goes [Maru maru] no Aki, which translates as “Autumn is the best season for [blank blank]".

In this blog, we'll fill in the blanks with 5 things that are great to do in autumn. 🍂


Autumn is the best season for eating!

In Japan, we have a lot of seasonal delicious food in fall, such as Pacific saury (mackerel pike), Matsutake mushrooms and chestnuts. They give us a good appetite and some people might eat too much.

We have another expression for this season: "Autumn fills our bellies!"

 A selection of Japanese foods eaten in Autumn

Before autumn begins in Japan, supermarkets and convenience stores (konbini) pack their shelves full of seasonal snacks and sweets. Confectionery brands also release their limited-edition flavors, such as KitKat Japan's Sweet Potato, Chestnut and Apple Pie flavors!


ZenPop's Autumn Crunch Sweets PackZenPop's Autumn Crunch Sweets Pack



Autumn is the best season for playing sports!

Can you guess the reason? Well, the answer is because of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics! The opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics was on October 10th, which is a day usually sunny every year.

A few years after the Tokyo Olympics, the government made the second Monday of October Sports Day to encourage more people to play sports.

In fact, many elementary and junior high schools hold sports festival in autumn!


Japanese school children participate in sports carnival

Reading Books

Autumn is the best season for reading!

In the past, it was said that autumn was the best season for reading thanks to its comfortable weather and reading was thought to be one of the best way to kill time during the longer autumn nights.


A women reads a book beneath a tree in autumn



Autumn is the best season for sleeping!

It's difficult to sleep well in summer, as the nights are so hot, and also in winter, as the nights are too cold!

Autumn is the best season to sleep because the temperature and climate is stable and comfortable.

Yan GIF - Sleepy Tired Sleep GIFs


Autumn is the best season for art!

Many major Japanese art exhibitions are held during autumn, such as three big exhibitions in Tokyo 二科展(Nika-ten), 日展(Nit-ten), 院展(In-ten) are all held in autumn.

 A beautiful Japanese-style painting of a bird sitting in an autumnal tree


Of course, for many, Halloween is one of the best things about autumn!


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How will you spend your autumn this? Perhaps you can eat, play sports, read books, sleep well and enjoy beautiful artworks!


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