Japanese Characters Pack - Released in July 2018

Japanese Characters Pack - Released in July 2018

Do you remember that we had a “Favorite Character Showdown” on our social media during June. We nominated 8 cute characters, then our community voted, and the first prize went to GUDE-TAMA!!!

Since Gude-tama is the most popular among ZenPop fans, we included two Gude-tame items in this Stationery pack.

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About the name “Gude-tama”, “Gude” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and “tama” is from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese. Gudetama born 5 years ago, so it is relatively new character in Sanrio. In ZenPop July Stationery pack, we had  Gudetama Croquis Sketchbook. Croquis is one of the most popular sketchbook in Japan!!

Another Gudetama items is Gudetama Mimi Pen. You will get either “あうー (auu)” or “ほっといてください (Hottoite-kudasai)”. “あうー” is kind of interjection which we use when we are so tired or lazy, and “ほっといてください” means “Please leave me alone”. Maybe Gudetama is too lazy to talk with his friends Lol



Not only Gudetama, but more characters are here too, even if they didn’t make it to the top.

Here’s other stationery, Rilakkuma Face Memo Pad. Rilakkuma is a bear who loves to be lazy and relax all day. He maybe can become good friend of Gudetama! Rilakkuma is interested in foods, and his favorite is pan cake, pudding, omu-rice, and Dango. Korilakkuma is a white bear who loves to play pranks to Rilakkuma and other friends.    

When you write on something to sketchbook or memo pad, this Pompom-Purin Eraser is necessary. Pompom-Purin born in 1996, and boasts tremendous popularity with Sanrio fans even it has been more than 20 years since then. He even got first prize on the “Favorite Character Contest” run by  Sanrio in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, Pompom-Purin was second place in ZenPop’s character showdown!

So, Gudetama and Pompom-purin is characters from Sanrio, and Rilakkuma is from San-X. Many of you might know that there are many characters from Sanriom but did you know that San-X has more than 100 characters as well?

To introduce some of characters from San-X, we included San-X Character Washi Tape! You will receive either Rilakkuma, Sumikko-gurashi, Korokoro-koronya, Jinbei-san or more! How many of these characters did you know?



In addition to character from Sanrio and San-x, we included two rare character in July pack.

First one is Shibanban and Nyabanban, which are created by a creator of Mindwave. The design was not so popular at first, but now Shibanban’s stamps became the most popular character stamp used on Japanese SNS and message platform, LINE. You can use this Shibanban/Nyabanban clips to clip your papers or your opened snack bag to store it:)

Another rare character in the pack is Melon Kuma! Melon Kuma is a mascot of Yubari city in Hokkaido. He has a melon head because his hometown, Yubari city, is very famous for Yubari melon. He might look a little bit scary at first, but Melon Kuma also has a lot of cute goods such as these stickers!

With Melon Kuma stickers, why don’t you use this Cute Sticky Notes when you make notes? Because people in Japan loves items with cute face on it, there are so many character goods all over Japan.

Oh! Don’t forget to check pens in our July pack! We had our first POSCA Glitter Marker Pen from Uni! Posca is known as a pen which can write on to metal, glass, and plastics. It is also waterproof and has light resistance, so enjoy drawing and decorating heartily!

Also, we had a mechanical pencil from Uni called “Hand Fit”! The feature of this sharp pen is its glip. It won’t slip and also fits to your hands during you are writing notes. It might be the best mechanical pencil if you spend a lot of time in your daily life writing.

Lastly, Pompom-Purin Handy Bag was included for subscribers. This bonus handy bag is only sold in Japan!! Pompom-purin is taking a nap with one of his friends, Muffin (a hamster). Great to put small gift and give it to your friends.

ZenPop’s July stationery “Japanese Character” pack included many Japanese character designed stationery. Since there are a lot of cute characters in Japan, so it was so difficult for us to choose some of them for our stationery pack. Did you get your favorite characters? If you have any other favorite Japanese characters, please tell us your favorite!!


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