Ninja in Japan?

Ninja in Japan?

Feb 26, 2018 Tags 

When we talk with people from other countries about Japan, we sometimes asked “Is there real Ninja in Japan?”. We are proud of that many people who are not from Japan know about Japan a little bit, but at the same time, we feel that there are some misunderstandings about the Japanese culture.


What kind of Ninja will you imagine?

A world of Ninja and a Ninjya boy who trying hard to defend his hometown and friends?

Or a real Ninja in Japan who are very good at attacking someone or guard the people from others?

Well, the real Ninja in Japan was covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. This suggest that Ninja was just an arms for each country, and they found their opportunities in the war. However, Ninja lost their place for activity because the wars in Japan start to finish, and became peaceful. And then, the number of Ninja started to decrease gradually, and now, we are not able to see real Ninja around us in Japan.

But do not be disappointed!! There are some places that you can learn the lifestyle or see performance of Ninja.


  1. Ninja Museum of Iga-ryu: 伊賀流忍者博物館

There were two big groups of Ninja in Japan, and one was called “Iga”. This Ninjya Museum of Iga in Mie prefecture shows any kind of Ninja’s goods which Ninja used for their work. The unique point for this Museum is that they held a “Ninja’s throwing stars competition” once a year. If you have chance, why don’t you join this competition and show your potential to become Ninja?



  1. Koka Ninja House: 甲賀流忍術屋敷

Other big group of Ninja is called “Koka”. This Ninjya House in Shiga prefecture was used to be a house of the leader of Koka Ninja. There are many mechanism in the house to avoid the enemies to come in the house, so you can see how the Ninjas were living and also you can experience the great quality of the Ninja House.


  1. TOEI Kyoto Studio Park: 太秦映画村

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is the biggest theme park in Japan which is made for movie shooting. Many Japanese movies about the past era (we call it Jidai-Geki in Japanese) are made in this studio park because this is the only place where the town of Edo period is reproduced very similarly. You can wear a costume of people in Edo to Meiji period, such as Samurai, Ninja, Japanese prince and princess, and more. Experience the time of Edo period by wearing the same clothes.



What did you think about these three places where you can see, learn, and experience Ninja?
Please visit if you are interested!!

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