Playful Pack - Released in January 2018

Playful Pack - Released in January 2018

Snacks are fun in general, but we chose even more fun and playful snacks and ramen for this Mix Pack. How did you enjoy them?🐰


  1. Charumera Spicy Shoyu Noodles
    Play Where's Wally on the packaging while waiting for the ramen! Don't be into the game too much otherwise the noodles will get too soggy.
  2. Cup Star Salt
    The combination of savory chicken soup and garlic noodles. It’s simple but addictive. The sesame seeds bring an extra aroma to the soup. Contains chicken, cabbage, red bell pepper, green bean, and tiny omelette.


  1. Choco Pencil
    Pencil shaped cute chocolates. Grab it and pretend to study while eating the sweet chocolate secretly. Contains a Peko-chan sticker too.
  2. Calpis Gummy
    This gummy has a rich, authentic flavor of Calpis, a popular drink in Japan. The outside of it is a soft, chewy gummy, and the center is jelly-like Calpis syrup. You can’t have enough of this delicious treat!
  3. Puppy Paw Gummy Peach
    Why are dogs so cute? Because they have lovely paws. This gummy is shaped like a puppy paw and has a unique a puppy paw?! Too cute to eat!
  4. Puccho Chocolate
    Puccho has a fun mouth-feeling with tiny gummy balls inside the chewy candy, and this one is even more fun because the candy is coated with chocolate. You get one flavor of grape, strawberry, or “miracle”.
  5. Crispy Potato Yuzu Kosho
    Potato chips are the best when they are super crisp like this. Yuzu kosho gives a sour and piquant flavor, and the more you bite, the more umami taste will be extracted. If you wanna make it milder, dip it into mayonnaise!
  6. Diamond Ring Candy
    Fulfill your sweet tooth while looking gorgeous with this big diamond ring. If you prefer a smaller, more elegant jewelry, just keep licking it until it becomes the size you want.
  7. Cheddar Chip Star
    Rich cheddar cheese flavored potato chips. It’s crispy, tangy, moreish, but super cheesy, so be sure to wash off the smell before going out. Or bring it out with you and share the tasty smell with your friends.