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What is Dango?
Sep 23, 2022 Tags 
Dango (団子) is a traditional glutinous rice flour-based sweet in Japan. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this famous wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery!
What is Japanese Kokuto: Okinawa black sugar?
Sep 20, 2022 Tags 
Is Kokuto from Okinawa (沖縄黒糖) the world's healthiest brown sugar? In this article, we take a look at how Japanese black/brown sugar is produced, and why it's healthier than your regular sugar!
What is a Bento Box?
Sep 16, 2022 Tags 
You've seen it in anime, now it's time for you to learn about it. Japanese Bento boxes are conveniently packaged portable meals usually eaten for lunch, or take out dinners.
Sailor Brand Overview: What are Sailor Pens?
Sep 13, 2022 Tags 
The Japanese stationery brand Sailor has developed a stellar reputation since it was founded in 1911. Learn more about their unique Maki E and Sailor Pro lines in this article!
What is Okonomiyaki?
Sep 09, 2022 Tags 
Okonomiyaki is a specialty dish from Osaka. It's made from flour, cabbage, and some toppings like pork, shrimp, or more! But did you know that there is a version made with soba noodles? More in this article!
What is Dorayaki?
Dorayaki is an emblematic treat from Japan, adored by Doraemon and many more. Dorayaki is a traditional wagashi often will with azuki bean paste! But did you know that it brings good luck?
What are Japanese Amaou Strawberries?
Sep 02, 2022 Tags 
Amaou strawberries are some of the rarest strawberries in the world. They are grown in Fukuoka prefecture and are extremely expensive. Here's why!
ZenPop's October 2022 Packs
Sep 01, 2022 Tags 
It's back to School and Halloween prep at the same time!
What is Takoyaki?
Aug 30, 2022 Tags 
Takoyaki is one of Osaka's most emblematic dishes: grilled octopus-flour balls brushed with a special takoyaki sauce, and mayonnaise. Takoyaki culture in Osaka and Japan is very important, here's why!
What is Japanese Fruit Jelly?
Aug 26, 2022 Tags 
Japanese Fruit Jelly is commonly available at all convenience stores throughout the country. It's often made from Kanten or Konjac, but do you know what those are?
What should you snack on while watching anime?
Aug 23, 2022 Tags 
Onigiris, ramen, Kit Kats, senbeis: we present you the best snacks to enjoy while watching your favorite anime!