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What is a Takana Onigiri?
Jun 15, 2023 Tags 
Takana is an orignal pickled green from Japan, often paired with rice! We tell you all about it.
The 10 best Japanese Festival Food you should try
Jun 14, 2023 Tags 
10 dishes that should be on your checklist for your next visit to a Japanese festival!
What are Natsu Matsuri?
Jun 13, 2023 Tags 
Summer festivals, called Natsu Matsuri in Japan, are one of the highlights of the sunny season: this is why!
ZenPop Update: July 2023
Jun 12, 2023 Tags 
Things are changing: keep up with the latest updates here!
The 15 best Umaibo Flavors you should try
Jun 12, 2023 Tags 
We tried them all so you only have to eat the best: top 15 Umaibo flavors
The 8 best Summer Ramen
Jun 09, 2023 Tags 
Looking for refreshing ramen? Those are the 8 best noodles dishes to try in Summer.
The best Hello Kitty snacks
Love Hello Kitty? Those are the 9 best snacks you should try!
What is Warabi Mochi?
Jun 07, 2023 Tags 
It's not just a regular Mochi, it's Warabi Mochi: but what makes it different? We explain.
Awa Odori Matsuri
Jun 06, 2023 Tags 
Japan's biggest dance festival, Awa Odori Matsuri: what is it all about?
What is Kanda Matsuri?
Jun 05, 2023 Tags 
We explain why Kanda Matsuri is one of Japan's 3 biggest festivals and why you should stop by if you're around!
Best Hokka Cookie Flavors
Jun 02, 2023 Tags 
Some of Japan's best cookies and biscuits are made by Hokka: here's the top 10!