How to customize your Washi Tape?

How to customize your Washi Tape?

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Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape with colorful patterns that are used for many art projects today. Because it is so versatile, it is used for so many creative art ideas, especially by people who have journals and scrapbooks. It is even used to decorate furniture and other home accessories. So much so that people now want to customize their washi tape to take advantage of its endless possibilities.

Sometimes, store-bought washi tape just won’t do; that is why people customize them. Washi tape customization is usually done by small business owners who want to use unique tapes with their branded logo or fun designs to wrap parcels. People who draw fashion illustrations also customize washi tape to mimic unique fabric patterns. That way, the illustration would match the vision of the outfit perfectly.

In this article, we will explore some creative ways to customize your washi tape and transform it into a unique and personalized artistic tool.


3 Ways to Customise Washi Tape




Repeat Patterns


In the past, washi tape was only available in the manufacturing company patterns, but nowadays, many manufacturers allow the buyer to send their own washi tape design for printing. Let’s take you through making your own custom design digitally.

  • Make Sure Your Washi Tape Size: Washi tapes come in different widths and lengths, so before you even start designing, deciding on the size should be your priority. If you are using the washi tape for fashion illustrations where you want to cover a large area, go for a bigger size, but if it’s to wrap custom packages, a thinner size is better. 
  • Start Designing With Good Software: Open a blank page that matches your tape dimension on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva - basically, any design tool you are comfortable with. this part is a bit tricky because not everyone is good at graphic design. If you’re not, you can make a rough sketch and hire a professional designer to digitize it for you. 
  • Start Designing: Add logos, patterns, or any fun emoji you want to be a part of your washi tape. Don't use the entire page for your design; leave a little space at the edges because it may be trimmed during printing. If it is your first time designing, start simple.  
  • Rules For Repeat Designs: If your pattern repeats which is usually the case because people don’t design the entire length of the washi tape, make sure the left edge aligns perfectly with the right edge. If the pattern starts with a half piece of a heart, it has to end with the other piece for a seamless tape. For instance, although the first pattern is beautiful, it will not seamlessly repeat itself, so it is not suitable for washi tape customization. On the other hand, the second pattern can be repeated to seamlessly join the edge pattern, so it is suitable for washi tape.  
  • Submit Your Design To A Manufacturing Website: some manufacturers will allow you to submit your washi tape pattern via their website. They’ll work on creating the tape and send it to you after a few weeks. 




Custom Printed Washi Tape


One of the most exciting ways to customize your washi tape is by hand-painting your own designs. Did you know that washi tape was invented when a masking tape manufacturer was sent designed book pages using painted masking tape? It all started with people’s love for making their own custom tape, and you can do it too. 

This will allow you to unleash your artistic skills and create truly one-of-a-kind tape. First, grab a roll of plain washi tape/ masking tape, some acrylic or watercolor paints, markers, glitter, and brushes. Experiment with patterns, florals, abstract designs, or even cute characters.

First, lay a strip of clear washi tape on a clean flat surface -preferably a plastic sheet so that you can paint easily. Next, use watercolor to paint any pattern of your choice and allow it dry.

Finish the design with gold flakes, acrylic paint, marker, or glitter, and let it dry for a day.

When all the paint has dried, store the tape and use it when it is needed.




Stamped Washi Tape


Stamping is an excellent way to add details and unique patterns to your washi tape. It’s way faster than just painting, and it’s a fun project. All you have to do is invest in a set of small rubber stamps and ink pads of various colors and start stamping away. Mix and match different stamps to create stunning designs and combine them with hand-painted elements to make your washi tape awesome.

  • Before stamping directly onto the washi tape, it's helpful to plan your design on paper. First, experiment with different arrangements and combinations. This step allows you to visualize the final result and make any necessary changes.
  • Next, take a few moments to test your stamps on scrap paper. This step helps ensure that the stamps are properly inked and that it is clean and clear. 
  • Now it's time to stamp onto the washi tape. Lay the tape on a flat surface and gently press the stamp onto the tape. Make sure to lift the stamp straight up to avoid smudging the ink, and repeat the process for each stamp and color in your design.

Add details by using smaller stamps to add patterns and different colors to create diversity and experiment with combinations to create artistic designs Let it dry overnight and store it for use.

Customizing your washi tape is an excellent way to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to your crafts. From hand-painting and stamping to digital art, the possibilities are endless. So, grab your washi tape collection, and create unique designs that reflect your style and personality. 



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Can You Make Your Own Washi Stickers?


Yes, washi tape can be customized. The most popular way to do so is to digitally create a pattern and send it to the manufacturer to print for you. 


How Do You Make Washi Tape In Photoshop?


First, pick the appropriate dimensions for the tape and start designing with your favorite patterns and colors. Make sure that the seams align for continuity, and then print. 


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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem and edited by us.