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The 7 Best Japanese Plushy Makers
Jul 10, 2023 Tags 
Looking for some more Kawaii plushies for your collection? Those 7 makers from Japan may have just what you want!
The 10 best pens for journaling
Jul 07, 2023 Tags 
Find your pen for your next journal, and check out some of those quality Japanese pens!
How to customize your Washi Tape?
Jul 06, 2023 Tags 
Looking for ways to make your Washi Tape more unique? Here are 3 ways to customize it!
Top 5 Cute Japanese Stickers
Jun 30, 2023 Tags 
Looking for some cute stickers? Here's our top 5 Japanese Kawaii Stickers!
How to decorate your furniture with Washi Tape? (15 ideas)
Jun 29, 2023 Tags 
Looking for inspiration? Here are 15 ways you can decorate your furniture with Washi Tape!
The 10 best pens from Pilot
Jun 28, 2023 Tags 
Loving Pilot pens just like us? Those are our top 10 recommendations from the Japanese maker.
The 10 best Sanrio Stickers
Jun 26, 2023 Tags 
Looking to collect more stickers? How about those 10 awesome Sanrio sticker series!
The 8 most collectible Japanese stickers
Jun 22, 2023 Tags 
Ready to upgrade your sticker collection? Those 8 sticker series are must-haves from Japan!
The 10 Cutest Japanese Erasers
Jun 20, 2023 Tags 
Looking to cuti-fy your pencase? Add some of those cute Japanese erasers!
The 10 Best Japanese Pencils
Jun 19, 2023 Tags 
Looking for a new efficient pencils? Those 10 Japanese pencils are some of the best on the market!
Kiriko Glass Origami Tutorial
May 31, 2023 Tags 
Discover how to make Kiriko Glass Origami