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What is a Japanese Fruit Sandwich?
Dec 05, 2022 Tags 
A sandwich with fruits? Yes, it's a very popular snack in Japan! Where does it come from and how to make one at home? It's all in this article.
What are Japanese Watermelons?
Dec 02, 2022 Tags 
Have you ever seen black or squared watermelons? They are from Japan, but why are they like that? Read more to find out.
ZenPop's January 2022 Packs
Dec 01, 2022
Get ready to start a New Year with awesome surprises from Japan!
What is Chitose Ame?
Nov 30, 2022 Tags 
Chitose Ame is one of Japan's most popular festival candy, and is strongly linked to the Shichigosan Festival. But what exactly is it?
What is Konpeito: Japan’s best sugar candy?
Nov 28, 2022 Tags 
This is Japan's most popular candy: available everywhere and a favorite among many Japanese. Here's all you need to know about Konpeito.
What are the best Japanese Snacks for parties?
Nov 25, 2022 Tags 
Having friends over and looking to throw a Japanese party? Here are the best otsumami you can prepare for your guests!
What is Kinako Powder?
Nov 23, 2022 Tags 
Find out what Kinako is, Japan's favorite soybean-based topping for mochi!
What is japanese paper (washi) used for?
Nov 21, 2022 Tags 
Let's talk about Japan's paper culture and find out what it is used for.
What is Calpico? (Ultimate guide to Calpico)
Nov 18, 2022 Tags 
You've seen Calpico in the supermarket but don't know what it is? You've heard of Calpis but are wondering if it's the same? All your questions about Calpico answered here.
The Best Japanese Sweets and Treats for Parties
Nov 16, 2022 Tags 
Planning a Japanese party and need some snacks? Here's a list of the best Japanese sweets and treats for your party!
20 Creative Washi Tape Art Ideas
Nov 14, 2022 Tags 
You've got a lot of Washi Tape, but don't know what to do with it? Here are 20 creative ideas on how you can use Washi Tape to decorate your life!