Winter Sweets Pack - Released in December 2016

Winter Sweets Pack - Released in December 2016

Winter comes swift and cold, so wrap yourself in the warm embrace of chocolate and treats.

Our winter pack was filled with unique and tasty Japanese snacks. The treats included limited edition sweets, classic Japanese goodies, and everything was 100% Japizzle. (A slightly different restocked version of this pack came out around the new year.)

  1. Matcha Choco Kinako Mochi Kit (DIY)
    Make your own mochi (rice cake). Enjoy your mochi with matcha powder and chocolate paste.

  2. White Choco Mochi Balls
    Kyoro-chan’s chocoballs. Chewy gummy-mochi is covered with white chocolate.

  3. Mikan Cider Gummies
    Yuzu citrus and mikan (Japanese orange) flavored gummies. Originally, the flavor came from popular fruity cider.

  4. Choco Anpan (Mini chocolate buns)
    Bite-sized bread with soft chocolate in it. Good fit in your bag, so that you can eat when you are hungry outside.

  5. Vanilla Bean Butter – Bisco Cookies
    Vanilla bean butter cream is sandwiched between butter biscuits. Mild butter flavor melts and spreads in your mouth.

  6. Potato Long – Salty
    Non fried potato sticks. You’ll get hooked on its light saltiness!

  7. Ume (Sour Plum) Pretzels
    Pretzel sticks with sour plum powder. Tastes like both sour and salty. Good for spring outing!

  8. Spicy Potato Snacks
    Habanero spicy pizza flavored potato chips. Using four kinds of cheese, we hope you’ll enjoy the mild spicy pizza taste.

  9. Mini Bottle Dagashi
    Fizzy ramune bottle. Either cider, lemon or strawberry flavor.

  10. White Chocolate Popcorn
    Candy-coated popcorn covered with white chocolate! The mixture of sweetness af white chocolate and saltiness of popcorn is so good.

  11. Country Ma’am Strawberry Chocolates
    Bite-sized strawberry chocolates with crushed Country Ma’am and chocolate chips.

  12. Cola Crackle Candy
    Cola candies and sour ramune crackles in your mouth. Enjoy the new texture!

  13. Apple Custard Pandas
    Crispy biscuit with apple flavored chocolate and custard cream flavored chocolate. There are bunch of varieties of panda faces.

  14. Fruits no Mori – Soft candy basket
    Japanese traditional candy for school trips. Chewy small candies flavored grape, green apple and cherry.


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