How To Make Instant Ramen Better

How To Make Instant Ramen Better

I’ve recently written an article about some quick and easy instant ramen hacks for you to improve your ramen. Since you already know how to improve the noodles and the broth, I wanted to get more into details on how to make instant ramen better with toppings!

It’s pretty easy and straightforward, so you don’t have to worry. All you need, is a cup, or two, of Japanese instant ramen, which we can deliver to your doorstep. And then, get the topping you want to make the noodles more delicious.

So here are a few ideas you can take to make everything better.

Add Sauces



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You can add any sauce you like to give a punch to your noodles. We recommend trying with Sriracha because it comes with this lovely spicy made from chili and garlic. It mixes perfectly with instant ramen and a very affordable topping. 

Cook with Eggs



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Who doesn’t like eggs? Okay, maybe a few people. And some of you might not eat them for health, or ethical reasons. But! Eggs do mix very well with the broth of instant noodles. To make it perfect, you’ll have to cook the noodles in a pot and not in their cup. Give it a try!  

Marinate with Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter

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Although Peanut Butter is not originally a Thai cooking condiment, nuts are. So, to make your noodles more nutty, we recommend mixing some sesame oil with peanut butter, honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger before pouring over the noodles instead of the usual toppings.

Use Japanese Seasoning



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Have you heard of furikake? It’s a sprinkle-seasoning traditionally used on rice in Japan. You can easily enhance every flavor with this. The classic furikake usually contains seaweed, sesame seeds and fish flakes.

Add Meat


Chashu ramen

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You’ve seen the tasty slices of meat on the classic local ramen shop noodle bowl. These are usually Chashu, braised pork belly, and it pairs perfectly with the heavy broth of Tonkotsu ramen. Of course, you can be creative and give a try to beef or chicken!


Cook More Eggs and More Bacon



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If you don’t have the time to prepare some meat on your own and need a quick fix. Use bacon. The lovely crunch of the grilled sliced bacon ham together with the juicy oil just double, no, triple the flavors coming from the broth and will make you want having an endless amount of noodles to slurp on. Alternatively, you can just add a soft-boiled egg, and let the yolk to the trick by dripping slowly into your broth.

Boil Veggies 



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I’ve mentioned the greasy and heavy toppings, but there are healthy alternatives to instant ramen. You can cook some vegetables together with the broth and the ramen. If you’ve got to time to get fresh ones, frozen veggies also do the trick. 


Especially Bok Choy


Bok CHoy

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Asian vegetables are perfect. You can also use spinach if you can't find any. Their texture brings a delightful contrast to the usual ramen noodle one, and add a lot of fibers too!


Don't Forget Miso



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Replace the pack seasoning with some fresh miso paste. Miso is made from fermented soybeans, and used a lot in Japanese cooking. You most likely have heard of miso soup, which is a standard side dish to any traditional Japanese meal. (Fact: it’s full of probiotics and good for digestion)


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Listen to the chefs


Found of the internet, a celebrity chef, namely Roy Choi, adds butter, cheese and an egg to make what he calls “the perfect instant ramen”. If a famous chef swears by this, he must be onto something!


Decorate with Seaweed



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What looks just like a simple ornament is actually a lovely garnish. Thinly sliced and dried seaweed is often displayed on bowls of noodles. This specific type of seaweed is called nori. You can either place it nicely on top like you’ve seen on TV or the internet, or crumble and sprinkle it on top. 


Add Smoked Oysters



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Use smoked oysters. You're just going to have to trust me on this one.


Spice it up with Kimchi



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For another exotic approach, try Korean kimchi. It’s spicy, fresh and yummy. This spicy pickled vegetable is commonly found in grocery stores, and if you can’t find it, get some from your local Asian supermarket or Korean supermarket. 


Add Crunch



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This is more of an addition for a little extra crunch and flavor. You can sprinkle the cut scallions on top of your usual toppings together with some sesame seeds. 


Dash Soy Sauce


Soy sauce

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Instant ramen are usually already quite salty, but adding a dash of soy sauce never disappoints.  You can ditch some usual seasoning, or sauce, instead and cook the noodles with this.


Cook Yakisoba



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This if for those that actually don’t want a cup of instant noodles, but prefer to try something new, different: yakisoba. Boil your instant noodles, let the water go down the drain, and stir-fry them with a few veggies, meat and a sauce (we recommend okonomiyaki sauce). You’ll get instant yakiramen, in a way. 


The Ultimate Hack


Try it all. Get yourself a big bowl. I mean, huge, and try adding a little of all the toppings. I’m not talking a handful, but rather a finger pinch of kimchi, nori, scallions, chashu, one egg and a dash of soy sauce. Together with a broth cooked with an egg for more creaminess, you’re in for the best instant ramen you’ve ever tasted.

And don’t forget to order your noodles here. We’ll save you the trip to the supermarket for this one 😉

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