ZenPop's Spring Sakura packs

ZenPop's Spring Sakura packs

The sakura are nearly here

🌸 Falling into places for Spring 🌸 ⁠

Our brand new #zenpopjapan cherry blossom packs are up for grabs! Choose from:⁠

✍️🌸 Stationery - Sakura Dreams ⁠

🍜🌸 Ramen - Savory Spring⁠

🍬🌸 Sweets - Taste of Hanami⁠

🍜🍬 Mix - Go Green⁠

Stationery Pack - Sakura Dreams

Ohh, we’ve waited for this a long time! The cold is finally returning where it came from, leaving our beloved cherry blossoms to show their true colors! Everyone’s been looking forward to sharing this moment with friends and family, and so have we! This year is quite special, and since you probably aren’t able to visit us in Osaka this spring, we’re bringing the beautiful petals to you! Here is our latest sakura themed Sakura Dreams Stationery Pack for your own home bloom:

  • Sakura washi tape 
  • Sakura pattern ippitsusen notepad
  • Custom Self-inking Luna stamp 
  • Sakura stickers
  • Sailor Shikiori marker pen
  • PLUS 5 more lovely stationery products!

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Ramen Pack - Savory Spring

Look at this! Don’t you just want to rip them open, pour the hot water in and taste all those savory flavors right away? April’s ramen box will take you over new horizons, with the remake of one of Japan’s most classic instant noodle packs as well as some tasty local Kyoto and Toyama specialties! You’re guaranteed to have taken a culinary journey through the country by the time you’re through our Savory Spring Ramen Box:

  • Nissin U.F.O. Yakisoba rich white sauce
  • Akasaka Eirin Sura Tanmen
  • Kuzefuku Shoten vegetable dashi shio ramen
  • Kyoto shoyu ramen with back fats
  • PLUS 3 more tasty instant ramen

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Mix Pack - Go Green

Finally! Spring is here, and the city is picking up some colors again. After a long, cold, and gray winter, we’re glad to see all the greenery come back to life. To ride along 'til the summer, we’ve prepared a lovely mix of colorfully inspired snacks and noodles. This month’s Go Green Mix Pack includes:

  • Maruchan Tonkotsu Shoyu Yakisoba
  • Puchi Garden Pea Savory Shio Potato Chips
  • Matcha Caramel Corn 
  • Otona no Jagariko Wasabi Shoyu Flavor
  • PLUS 4 more ramen, snacks and candy!

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Sweets Pack - Taste of Hanami

It is this time of the year again: the cherry trees are blooming, and the petals are flying through the streets of Osaka like snowflakes. This year we’ll be doing our hanami party at home, and there is no better way to celebrate than with this combo sweets pack! We’ve combined some crunchy matcha flavored cookies with nostalgic tasting candies. This month’s Taste of Hanami Sweets Pack is all you’ll need for your own little hanami party, and includes:

  • Uji Matcha Latte Picola 
  • Koikeya STRONG Ume Chips
  • Sakuma Drops
  • Cherry Mochi 
  • Sequoia Chocolate Bar 
  • PLUS 10 more sweet and savory snacks!

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