Celebrate the Japanese New Year with ZenPop

Celebrate the Japanese New Year with ZenPop

Dec 04, 2020 Tags 

Start your New Year celebrations early and enjoy the best ramen, snacks and stationery from Japan!

Choose from ZenPop's brand new packs:

Stationery - New Year Celebrations

ZenPop's Japanese Stationery Pack

2021 is a brand new year and we're so ready for it! This month, we've curated a special Stationery Pack, to share some of Japan's New Year traditions with you. Plus, you'll get to start your celebrations early with cute Sumikko Gurashi and Japan's legendary Amabie! Akemashite omedetou / Happy New Year!

Your New Year Celebrations Stationery Pack includes:

  1. Erasable Kese Lamé Ballpoint Pen
  2. Amabie Block Memo Pad
  3. Good Luck Daruma Eraser
  4. Kazari (New Year Decorations) Washi Tape
  5. Gold Foil Masking Tape Seals
  6. Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi Stamp
  7. Omamori Fusen (Sticky Notes)
  8. Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil
  9. Rilakkuma B Pencil
  10. New Year Pochi Bukuro (Mini Envelopes)


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Ramen - Winter Feast

ZenPop's Japanese Ramen Pack

The New Year is the time to eat, drink slurp and be merry! Stay inside and let's get nice and toasty with 7 bowls of hot and tasty instant noodles from Japan. Come and eat Toshikoshi Soba with us on New Year's Eve to symbolize breaking away from the old year and wishing for good fortune in the new year! Akemashite omedetou / Happy New Year!

Your Winter Feast Ramen Pack includes:

  1. Bonito Dashi Soba or Nissin Edo Soba
  2. Shoyu Ramen from Toy Box, Tokyo
  3. Salty Butter Ramen
  4. Mexican Nachos Noodles or Sapporo Ichiban Tabimen Kyoto Seabura Shoyu Ramen
  5. 10th Anniversary Kumamon Ramen
  6. White Salty Butter Ramen
  7. Strong Garlic Yakisoba


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Ramen + Sweets Mix - New Year Snacks

ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

If you're serious about snacking, then you'll know there's one day of the year that you can never have enough snacks...New Years! Don't worry, we've got you covered. Fill up with two nourishing and tasty instant ramen, then settle in with 6 sweets and savory treats from Japan. Akemashite omedetou / Happy New Year!

Your New Year Snacks Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack includes:

  1. Black Sesame Dandan Noodles
  2. Katsuo Dashi Niku Udon or Nissin Kyo Udon
  3. Yuzu Kosho Potato Chips
  4. Soft & Chewy Poifull Jelly Beans
  5. Caramel Corn - Bitter Roasted Peanuts
  6. Umaibo - Mentaiko
  7. Shrimp & Black Pepper Rice Crackers
  8. Puchi White Chocolate Langue de Chat


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Sweets - Sweet Resolutions

ZenPop's Sweets Pack

Start the new year with a (sweet) resolution you know you'll keep...to treat yourself to 15 delicious snacks and candy from Japan! This month's Sweets Pack features limited edition and seasonal flavors, perfect for enjoying on a cold and wintry New Year's Day! Akemashite omedetou / Happy New Year!

Your Sweet Resolutions Sweets Pack includes:

  1. Noir Mini Cookies - Uji, Kyoto Matcha
  2. White Picola Wafers
  3. Salted Burdock Senbei Crackers
  4. Puré White Peach & Cherry Gummies
  5. Nori Shio Umaibo
  6. Mont Plus Opera Soft Petite Cake
  7. "Asparagus" Biscuits - Red Bean
  8. Puchi Tarako Butter Crackers
  9. Hie Hie Freezing Gum
  10. Soft Plum Candy
  11. Cola & Soda Chew
  12. Kinako Stick
  13. Shio Mochitaro
  14. Strawberry Mugi
  15. Kuppi Ramune


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