ZenPop Limited Edition Pack: Sakura Stationery and Sweets

ZenPop Limited Edition Pack: Sakura Stationery and Sweets

Jul 14, 2020 Tags 

We were overwhelmed with the response to our first-ever ZenPop Limited Edition Pack, which was inspired by Japan's sweet sakura (cherry blossoms)! Thank you to all our lovely customers who ordered our Sakura Stationery & Sweets Pack!

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ZenPop's Sakura Sweets & Stationery Limited Edition PackZenPop's Sakura Stationery & Sweets Limited Edition Pack

What was in our first-ever Limited Edition Pack?

Experience the most beautiful season in Japan with four sakura-themed stationery items and two sweet spring treats.

Your Sakura Stationery and Sweets Pack included:

  • 2 Sakura Sweets
  • Washi Tape
  • Mount Fuji Goods
  • Sakura Pen

Washi Tape

Decorative and high-quality masking tape is so versatile and can be used in a variety of practical and creative ways.

Sakura-themed washi tape from Japan

Writing Tool

Japanese pens, from best-selling brands like Zebra, Uni and Pilot, are known for their quality and innovation.

Sakura-themed ballpoint pen

Cute Stickers

Kawaii culture started in Japan, so we can guarantee this is where you'll find the cutest and most adorable stickers!

Cute sakura-themed stickers

Paper Products

Washi or traditional paper is an 13,000-year old art form! The world-class quality of Japanese paper products is hard to beat.

Sakura-themed Japanese letter set

Sakura Snacks

Japan loves seasonal snacks and right now every store is stocked with rows of cherry blossom-inspired sweets!

Sweet sakura Mintia and cherry candies

What was our inspiration?

Sakura season in Japan! Our first ZenPop Limited Edition Pack was inspired by the loveliest time in Japan - spring! Experience the beauty and joy of cherry blossom season with us.


ZenPop's Sakura Sweets & Stationery Limited Edition Pack

Majestic Mt Fuji

Beautiful Fuji-san is one of Japan's 3 sacred mountains. It's an iconic cultural symbol and is a source of artistic inspiration for many. Surrounded by autumn leaves or pink cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji is a majestic sight!

Beautiful Mt Fuji surrounded by sakura blossoms

Flower Viewing in Japan

Hanami or "cherry blossom viewing" is one of the most magical times of the year in Japan. We celebrate with hanami picnics beneath the blossoms with our friends and loved ones. It's the experience of a lifetime!

Japan's infamous hanami or flower viewing of the sakura in spring

Seasonal Snacks

Cherry blossom-inspired snacks start to appear well before the first sakura blossoms do! From Starbucks to famous snacks like Pocky and KitKats, there are many limited time sakura-flavored treats to enjoy!

Delicious sakura-themed snacks

Cherry Blossom Art

The iconic cherry blossom is an important part of Japan's culture and traditions. Sakura season may be brief, but their fleeting beauty lives on through poetry, artistic masterpieces, and of course adorable stationery!

Sakura and Mt Fuji inspired artwork© Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Lake Kawaguchi, 1950s


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