ZenPop's November Packs Review

ZenPop's November Packs Review

October was a special month here at ZenPop. We celebrated our third anniversary with a mega birthday giveaway! Congratulations to our five winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes.

ZenPop's had an awesome three years, we wrote about some of our best memories and interviewed our top fans, like Lan (stationery lover) and Irina (ramen addict)!

To celebrate our birthday, all packs included a sticker and a postcard of our mascot, Luna.

Let's discover what was in this month's ZenPop subscription boxes!

Stationery - Sumikko Bakery


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery Pack: Sumikko Bakery


You're invited to a fun baking class, taught by some of the most loved characters in Japan: Sumikko Gurashi. They are cute little creatures who enjoy living quietly in a corner, as their name indicates. You will find a set of 4 Sumikko Gurashi items, as well as a Pikachu masking tape and a magnet bookmark with a Sanrio character. Our bunny mascot Luna has also joined the baking class, with the first original ZenPop designed stationery!


  1. Sumikko Gurashi Memo Pad (4 types)
  2. Sumikko Gurashi Pencil (4 types)
  3. Sumikko Gurashi Pencil Caps (4 types)
  4. Sumikko Gurashi Eraser Set (4 types)
  5. Magnet Bookmark Fusen (3 types)
  6. Pikachu Pan Washi Tape
  7. Happy Foods Mini Joint Stamp
  8. Pan Bungu Stickers
  9. ZIG Art & Graphic Twin Pen
  10. I ♥ Kawaii ZenPop Pen



Ramen + Sweets Mix - Harajuku Dreams


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Mix Pack: Harajuku Dreams


What do you think of when we say ''Harajuku''? Maybe the words fashion, kawaii or neon will pop in to your mind. This month's combination of snacks and noodles will give you a taste of the wild, unique and colorful variety you'd find during your dream trip to Harajuku, one of Tokyo's most dynamic neighborhoods. Enjoy extra creamy tomato ramen, rainbow ramune candy and even a pastel pink taiyaki filled with berry chocolate!


  1. Tomato Cream Ramen
  2. Tempura Udon
  3. Takoyaki Umaibo
  4. Ebi Tsuma Shrimp Snacks
  5. Fortune Marshmallows
  6. Ginza Strawberry Rusk
  7. Rainbow Fruits Soda Ramune
  8. Pure Double Peach Gummies
  9. Dream Kawa Pukupuku Taikyaki

Ramen - Northern Japan


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen Pack: Northern Japan


Last month we took you on a trip to the warm south of Japan. Temperatures are getting colder now, so it is time to discover the bounty and rich flavors of northern Japan! You will see, Hokkaido is a wonderful land of food. Miso ramen was invented up there, and they also came up with the genius idea of adding butter and corn as toppings. You'll get to taste it for yourself! A Power Mochi Udon and a Potato Yakisoba are also included in this Northern Japan Pack. Pure delight for your taste buds.


  1. QTTA Tomato Cheese Cream Ramen
  2. Potato Butter Shio Ramen
  3. Koku Shio Butter Ramen
  4. Vegetable Paitan Tanmen
  5. Soymilk Sesame Miso Ramen
  6. Chikara Mochi Udon
  7. Potato Mayo Yakisoba

If you're curious to learn more about instant noodles, read our blog about the CupNoodles Museum!

Sweets - Sweet 'N' Cozy



Here in Japan we always have amazing seasonal treats. This month we got you more autumn-flavored traditional goodies such as chestnut yokan (made from adzuki beans), senbei rice crackers and a fish-shaped taiyaki, for a fun and tasty experience. Also a special version of Japan's best cookie (from the famous Country Ma'am), and a seasonal mont blanc flavor of the popular classic Caramel Corn made it inside. Lots more delectable treats await. Enjoying seasonal snacks in a cozy home with people you love is just the best!


  1. Ebi Mayo Umaibo
  2. Strawberry Soft
  3. Marshmallow Fortuna
  4. Mugi Pon Milk Coffee
  5. Caramel Minis
  6. Pukupuku Taiyaki Chocolate
  7. Country Ma'am Crispy Minis
  8. Cream Collon Milk
  9. Osatsu Snack
  10. Kuri (Chesnut) Yokan
  11. Mont Blanc Caramel Corn
  12. Nori-Shio Stick Potato
  13. Puchi Yakisoba Senbei
  14. Cho Ninniku Kabuiki Age
  15. Ebi Tsuma Chili Sauce

Bonus Items


Kawaii Luna Sticker in all ZenPop Subscription Boxes📷: @golden.mp4 (Instagram)


ZenPop Birthday Card Featuring Luna, ZenPop Mascot and Star of Full Moon MagicHappy Birthday Postcard, featuring Luna of Full Moon Magic


Did you like our November Packs? If you missed a box, check out ZenPlus to see if it's still there!


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