ZenPop is Moving to a New Warehouse Nov 29 - Dec 6

ZenPop is Moving to a New Warehouse Nov 29 - Dec 6

Nov 29, 2023 Tags 

ZenPop will move shipping operations to a new warehouse during Nov 29Dec 6, 2023. Here is what you need to know about the move and how it might affect any shipments of ZenPop boxes during this time.


Will the shipping of my order be delayed?


We will do everything to ship your ZenPop box as soon as possible so that they arrive in time for Christmas.
Orders that haven't yet been shipped, will be shipped around or after December 7, 2023


Can orders still be placed during the move?


Yes, you can use the ZenPop site as usual and order your favorite ZenPop box available. The only difference is that the shipping of your order from our warehouse in Japan will be available when the move is completed around December 7, 2023


Who to contact with any questions?


If you have any questions regarding this or your order, please don't hesitate to contact our support. Contact (at) zenpop.jp
Contact form link: zenpop.jp/contact-us


Luna & ZenPop team