ZenPop's September 2023 Boxes

ZenPop's September 2023 Boxes

Sep 01, 2023 Tags 

🥳 Celebrate the start of Fall ! 🍂


We're ready for the cooler month, red leaves, and Halloween! We've got you covered as well with our newest boxes!



This is the best month to get something unique delivered to your home :

✍️ Stationery - Autumn Chic
🍜 Ramen - Soul Soothing Ramen
🍬 Snacks - Nightly Munchies
👺 Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen Special

Shipped worldwide from Japan



Snack Box - Nightly Munchies

ZenPop Snack Box


It’s time for you to stack on Halloween snacks for your Horror movie nights! We’ve got it all: spicy wasabi, ramen in a deep black-colored broth, candies that’ll turn your tongue red and more! Discover our Spookylicious Halloween Snack Box!

  • Zenkoku Men-Meguri Toyama Black Ramen from Sugakiya
  • GAARIANS from Sangaria
  • Kara-Musubi Kuro from Calbee
  • PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!


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Ramen Box - Soul Soothing Ramen


ZenPop Ramen Box


It’s time for Autumn, and for us that means a new range of seasonal and regional ramen to curated and prepare for you! Discover this first Fall box with anniversary edition, original Pokémon ramen and more delicious noodles from all over Japan!

  • Sugakiya Negi Ramen from Sugakiya
  • Showa no Yoshoku Chicken Ramen from Nissin
  • Super Cup 35 Spices from Acecook
  • PLUS more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!


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Stationery Box - Autumn Chic


ZenPop Stationery Box


This month, our very talented team member delivered some unique, limited edition & custom stickers! It’s a beautifully autumn themed box to welcome the changing season and celebrate the start of cooler months!

  • Sealing Wax Letter from Maruai
  • Tamura Miki Kazemachi Clear Tape from Kamiiso Sansyou
  • ZenPop Original A6 Sticker
  • PLUS more cute and useful stationery items!



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Anime Pack - Jujutsu Kaisen Special


ZenPop anime Box


To celebrate season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, we curated this selection of 呪術回線 for you. It's perfect for Halloween, and to complete your anime collection!

  • Figures
  • Keychains
  • Pouches
  • Plus, more exclusive items from your favorite Anime!


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