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ZenPop's July 2023 Boxes

ZenPop's July 2023 Boxes

Jun 01, 2023 Tags 

🥳 It's festival season! ☀️


We're ready for all the festivals that take place in Japan during summer! We've got you covered as well with our newest boxes!



This is the best month to get something unique delivered to your home :

✍️ Stationery - Cute Cravings
🍜 Ramen - Summer Breeze
🍬 Snacks - Matsuri Munchies
👺 Anime - My Hero Box

Shipped worldwide from Japan



Snack Box - Matsuri Munchies


ZenPop Snack Box


Ready for Festival seasons? Celebrate the Japanese way with a tasty selection of snacks shipped directly from Osaka to you! Everything from a refreshing drink, a yummy ramen, and savory snacks to cover all your summer festivities!

  • Ippei chan Yaten no Yakisoba from Myojo Shokuhin
  • PET Ramune Desuyo from Hata kousen
  • Hi-Chew Assort FANTA from Morinaga
  • PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!


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Ramen Box - Summer Breeze


ZenPop Ramen Box


Tasty summer ramen for a refreshing experience! Not all ramen need to make you sweat. We’ve selected a few unique cups perfect for hot summer days. With a lighter broth, smooth noodles, every slurp is going to be like a breeze!

  • UFO Pokkmyeon Koi Koi Kankoku Fu Amakara Carbo from Nissin
  • Wonton Men Donburi Butaman Chuka Soba from Acecook
  • Men Shokunin Koidashi Niboshi Shoyu from Nissin
  • PLUS more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!


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Stationery Box - Cute Cravings


ZenPop Stationery Box


Fun & Functional, that’s the motto of this month’s stationery selection. Pens and paper are meant to be used, and we got you some that you won’t want to stop having in your hands. Discover why everyone’s so into Japanese stationery if you aren’t already!

  • Puni Ketsu Fusen from SunStar
  • SANDWICH NOTE from Iroha publishing
  • POP-UP Notemark from OCT
  • PLUS more cute and useful stationery items!



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Anime Pack - My Hero Box


ZenPop anime Box


Are you head-over-heels for My Hero Academia? We sure are! We've fallen so hard for this action-packed anime that we just couldn't resist hunting down a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind collectibles inspired by the show. If you're a die-hard fan, this box is tailor-made just for you! And to sweeten the deal, we've sprinkled in an extra dash of original anime goodies straight from Japan, just waiting for you to discover.

  • Attack on Titan Fuwakororin M
  • My Hero Academia Figures
  • Pokémon collectible
  • Plus, more exclusive items from your favorite Anime!


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