5 Japanese Summer Food Trends

5 Japanese Summer Food Trends

Jun 12, 2019 Tags 

Can you feel it? Finally, summer is here!

Where will you visit for your summer vacation?

For many, trying unique local foods is an essential part of traveling.

By enjoying different cuisines, we get to experience new cultures and maybe even find some new recipes to take home with us!

Japan is known for its weird and unusual food trends, so let's find out which are popular this season.

Watermelon bread

This exclusive bread from Kikuchiya Bakery became a hot food trend recently.

There is a red and yellow version available. While it looks like a delicious red watermelon, the bread actually has a light strawberry flavor. You won’t want to spit out these seeds because they are in fact chocolate chips! The yellow watermelon bread contains lemon peel that makes it less sweet than the red one.

A slice of this fruity bread topped with honey or fruit jam and vanilla ice could be a perfect summer dessert!

Photo: Japan Today

Rainbow sandwich

The trend of rainbow food came out of South Korea a few years ago and its popularity continues to spread through Japan.

This famous rainbow sandwich is from Le Shiner, a 5 minute walk from Harajuku Station. Pull apart your sandwich and watch the rainbow cheese stretch and stretch! You can expect a normal, delicious cheesy flavor! And don’t forget your rainbow ice cream for dessert!

Photo: Timeout Tokyo

Poop ice cream

This food trend might be the stuff of nightmares for some!

Unchi-kun soft serve ice cream, inspired by the poop emoji, is a chocolate flavored ice cream served in a toilet-shaped container.

Make your poop-dessert look even cuter by adding bunny ears, a crown or heart decorations.

If you’re flushed with excitement at the thought of trying this trend, grab yours at Sweet XO Good Grief Cafe in Tokyo.

Unchi-kun soft serve ice cream
Photo: Sora News 24

Cheese tea

Like Bubble Tea, Cheese Tea originated in Taiwan.

For many, the thought of cheese in tea might not sound too appealing, but hear us out!

This unexpected flavor of cold tea (usually green or black tea, with or without milk), which is then topped with a cheese foam, is gaining fans in Japan!

The cheese foam is made by whipping up cream cheese, milk, sugar, and salt, giving it a savory cheesy flavor.

Some cafes have mixed the two trendy drinks, Bubble Tea and Cheese Tea, combining the sweet and salty flavors and then adding tapioca pearls.

Photo: Japan Times

Kawaii animal marshmallows

Japanese company, Felissimo, have recently released a smiling shiba inu marshmallow.

Their series of squishy marshmallows already featured a range of cute pets, including cats, rabbits and parrots, but has now extended to include ‘man’s best friend!’

These hand-made marshmallows are filled with a creamy blend of chocolate and anko (sweet red bean paste).

Decorate your dessert or drink with these cute faces to make it extra kawaii!

Photo: CHEEZburger

How many of these Japanese food trends have you tried?

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