ZenPop's June Packs Review

ZenPop's June Packs Review

This month was all about Japan's kawaii characters!

We reviewed Osaka's top 5 character cafes, have you visited one?

We introduced you to Sanrio and San-X's lesser-known characters and hosted a speed date night with them! 😂 Take our quiz to find your perfect match.

And Sanrio hosted their 34th Sanrio Character Ranking Contest - the results are out in just a few days!

Let's take a peek inside our June Packs!

STATIONERY - Kawaii Characters Pack

It’s a gathering of the cutie pies in this month’s pack! Do you have a favorite Japanese character? With this pack you can enjoy the lazy egg Gudetama on a set of sticky notes, smile when you use your Pokemon pen, cover your life in Sanrio stickers, and relax with Rilakkuma. This month, every single item features a memorable character from Japan’s endless collection of kawaii!

This month's Kawaii Characters Pack sold out. To purchase previous ZenPop packs, including a Japanese Character Pack, visit ZenPlus.


  • Gudetama - Stick Markers
  • Gudetama - Pencil
  • Rilakkuma - Washi Tape
  • Rilakkuma - Mildliner
  • Pokemon - Sarasa Gel Pen
  • Sanrio - Sticker Sampler
  • Mame Goma - Patapata Note
  • Doraemon - Eraser
  • Sumikkogurashi - Folding Ruler


  • "So the theme of the month is Kawaii Characters Pack and omygod! as a Stationery collector, i'm highly~utterly~100% obsessed with this box!" - @cagedlullaby
  • "There were no "filler" items, every single item was something that I could see myself using in my journal/planner and was something that would make my spreads look super cheerful!" - @pokepixie
  • A Beautiful Fable

ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 1ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 2ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 3

RAMEN - Umami Pack

Sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and umami?! Umami is that hard to describe 5th flavor. It’s that yumminess you feel when you eat things like cheese, mushrooms, fermented foods, soy sauce, etc. Japanese food is always looking for ways to utilize umami and there is nowhere better than ramen! We have chosen a variety of complex flavors for you to really savor this month. Try premium Ra-Oh Shoyu Ramen, Cheese Curry Ramen, Cold Sesame Ramen, and more amazingly tasty dishes. Did you know? The word umami comes from the Japanese word umai, meaning delicious!


  • Natsukashi no Yasai Tan Men
  • Kita Kyushu Moji-harbor Cheese Curry Ramen
  • Men Dining Shoyu Wonten Men
  • RAOH Se-abura Koku Shoyu Ramen
  • Tori Ton Shio Ramen - by David
  • Niboshi Shoyu Ramen - by David
  • Hiyashi Chuka Goma-dare


  • "I received these 7 packs of ramen from them and they are all very different and unique flavors. As you know I love ramen. I’m so excited to try all of these..." - @ramenrat

ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 1ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 2ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 3

RAMEN + SWEETS MIX - Sunny Days Pack

The cherry blossoms have come and gone and Japan is starting to warm up with some beautiful sunny weather. Soon the unbearable humid summer heat will sweep across Japan, but for now we are feeling great! This collection of treats is perfect for the nice sunny days ahead. Cool (literally) noodles, cool mint, soda and ramune flavors, and barbecue too! A tasty summer day in a box.


  • Mini Shoyu Wantan Men
  • Hiyashi Tanuki Udon
  • Polar BEar Soda Gummy
  • Country Ma'am Super Chocomint Cookies
  • Wasabi Peas
  • Grape Ramune Candy
  • Cool Soda Puccho
  • BBQ Scorn - Share Pack


  • "And for summer those lovely Zenpop snacks are perfect! 😍💕 I received this beautiful surprise box and it is full of super cute and tasty things 🍱 There's ramen, candies, chips and more, all summer themed" - @rozenberry

ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 1ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 2ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 3

SWEETS - Movie Date Pack

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s nice to hang out with someone you like and just chill in front of the TV. Open the windows, feel the cool breeze of early summer air, and open a box full of amazing sweets and treats. This pack includes everything you need for a fun binge watch! From Japanese popcorn with soy sauce and butter, to gummy treats, jelly beans, Japanese wagashi, cookies, and much more. Perfect for finger licking fun at home. Summer is coming!


  • Grape Puchi Gum
  • Puccho - Ibaraking Melon
  • Juice-C Fruit Color Balls
  • Vanilla Cream Cookies
  • Mike Shoyu (soy-sauce) Butter Popcorn
  • Bontan Ame
  • Mini Melon Pan
  • Pokemon Wafers
  • Puka Puka Taiyaki - Mint
  • Ume Sugar Senbei
  • Sequoia Chocolate Bar
  • Caplico Mini
  • Poiful Drink Mix
  • Ice Ramune
  • Cola Up

ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 1ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 2ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 3

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