May Pack Review

May Pack Review

This month in Japan we enjoyed the warming spring weather.

We celebrated the 5th anniversary of ZenMarket, our parent company, with a hanami party in the park.

Most of Japan took an extra-long Golden Week holiday, to mark the end of the Heisei and start of the Reiwa period.

Let's look inside our May Packs!

STATIONERY - Spring Joy Pack

Waku-waku is a Japanese expression that means thrilled and excited. Our mascot Luna-chan can’t stop dancing because of the joy spring brings her. This month, your Stationery Pack is full of colorful and practical items to bring joy to your stationery collection! Get creative and share your love and joy of spring with others!


  • Block-patterned Kamoi mt washi tape
  • Floral envelope set
  • Washi tape cutter (clip type)
  • Flower flower stickers
  • Sakura-patterned ippitsusen notepad
  • Cray-pas scented eraser
  • Ikemen sticky notes (find out who Japan's ikemen are on our blog!)
  • Cats & flowers stickers
  • Kuretake ZIG clean color real brush
  • Spring flowers mechanical pencil

ZenPop's May Spring Joy Stationery PackZenPop's May Spring Joy Stationery PackZenPop's May Spring Joy Stationery Pack

RAMEN - Tan Tan & Tonkotsu Pack

We hope your tastebuds are ready for this flavor explosion. Tonkotsu is a popular ramen type made with pork bone broth, and the rich and creamy soup is accented with garlic and sesame. Tan tan men can be spicy and sour (often both) and also uses sesame and garlic as the main flavor boosters. The addition of spicy pepper takes the flavor of this dish to the next level. You'll be able to try multiple varieties of each one, including a soupless version of tan tan men from Hiroshima. We wonder which you will like more!


  • Yellow Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Seimen Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen
  • Menshokunin Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Seabura Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Tan Tan Men
  • Men Dining Tan Tan Men
  • Hiroshima Soupless Tan Tan Men

ZenPop's May Tan Tan & Tonkotsu Ramen PackZenPop's May Tan Tan & Tonkotsu Ramen PackZenPop's May Tan Tan & Tonkotsu Ramen Pack

RAMEN + SWEETS MIX - Brunch Pack

Brunch, the lovely meal that you get to enjoy when you don’t have anything to do that day! Since Japanese snacks are so good at recreating flavors, we have been able to find a collection of treats that will bring a brunchy feeling to you that you can enjoy anytime. From waffles and pancakes, to juicy melon and coffee, these snacks are a brunch in a box. The noodles include udon topped with eggs, and a Pokemon ramen with a collectible sticker inside. Discover and share these fun new Japanese goodies on a lazy Sunday with people you like! Visit our top three brunch places in Japan.


  • Pokemon Shoyu Ramen
  • Kaki Tama Udon
  • Belgian Waffle Crisps
  • Bejitaberu Salad Crackers
  • Caplico Atama - Milk Stars
  • Pure Melon Gummies
  • Long Chew - Orange
  • Cafe Au Lait - Bisco
  • Maple Syrup Hotcakes

ZenPop's May Brunch Ramen + Sweets Mix PackZenPop's May Brunch Ramen + Sweets Mix PackZenPop's May Brunch Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

SWEETS - Fresh and Fruity Pack

Spring has sprung and we are feeling fresh! With spring comes warm weather, delicious food, fresh fruits, and in Japan, the lovely sakura cherry blossoms start to bloom. This pack contains a delicious mix of tasty treats to capture the fresh feeling of spring. Lots of fruity items, newly released products, and fun snacks to enjoy with your friends. Share with someone you like!


  • My Gummy - Peach
  • Suppa-Chew Lemon Hi-Chew
  • Fruit Juice Gummy - Kiwi
  • Pero Sherbet - Grape
  • Honey Fruits Soft Candy
  • Juice-C Cider
  • Tsubu-tsubu Strawberry Pocky
  • Crunchy Honey Toast
  • Corn Hearts
  • Tabekko Aquarium
  • Noir - Cocoa Cream Cheese
  • Puchi - Grilled Corn
  • Okane Chocolate
  • Honey Soy Sayce Senbei
  • Babystar - Miso Ramen

ZenPop's May Fresh & Fruit Sweets PackZenPop's May Fresh & Fruit Sweets PackZenPop's May Fresh & Fruit Sweets Pack

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