ZenPop's September 2022 Packs

ZenPop's September 2022 Packs

Aug 01, 2022 Tags 

☀️ Sunbathing & Stargazing

Feel the breeze of refreshing flavors, stationery and anime collectibles from Japan this month:

✍️ Stationery - Skylight Treasures
🍜 Ramen - Japan Road trip
🍬 Sweets - Moonlight Delights
🌸 Mix - Refreshing Picnic
💩 Limited Edition - ZenPoop Box
👺 Anime - Destiny Loop


Shipped worldwide from Japan


Sweets Pack - Moonlight Delights


ZenPop Sweets Pack: Moonlight Delights


The moon is shining bright on those starry summer nights. Time to take out the snacks and bathe in some rejuvenating moonlight with a selection of Japan’s best snack. Enjoy those warm nights outside stargazing while you can with ZenPop’s Moonlight Delights snack box!

  • Rice Scented Senbei from Hozugawa Arare
  • Mitarashi Dango from Echigo Shiratama Honpo
  • Otsukimi Usagi Candy from Iwai Seika
  • PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!


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Ramen Pack - Japan Road Trip


ZenPop's Ramen Pack: Japan Road Trip


Summer is the perfect season to hop in a car and drive around Japan while listening to the cicadas sing! We’ll take you on a tour to some of Japan’s most popular ramen spots all in one box! Take a culinary roadtrip across Japan with our Ramen box this August!

  • Osaka Kasu Yakisoba from Yamadai
  • Charumera Aomori Stamina Gen Tare Mazesoba from Myojo
  • Gyorantei Kansyuu Yokosuka Kaigun Curry Udon from Acecook
  • PLUS more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!


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Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack - Refreshing Picnic


ZenPop's Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack: Refreshing Picnic


Cool like Fanta! To ensure your perfect summer picnic on the beach, we include our very first drink in our Mix box! Get a taste of Japan and enjoy the remaining summer days, with ZenPop perfect picnic selection and a unique MOS BURGER collaboration!

  • Cup Star Cheese Shio Tom to Jerry from Sanyo Shokuhin
  • MOS BURGER POTATO Teriyaki Burger flavor from Ajigen
  • Country Ma'am Jiwaru Butter Middle Pack from Fujiya
  • PLUS even more delicious snacks and noodles! 

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Stationery Pack - Skylight Treasures


ZenPop's Stationery Pack:


Ethereal beauty in our new Stationery box. We’re getting you ready for September and supplying all the best stationery items from Japan! Pens, pencil cases, rulers: everything you need to create and put your ideas on paper!

  • Silicon Pen Case NoFF from Sun Star
  • Tenohira Tosyokan Fusen from Kamio Japan
  • Frixion Ball Slim 0.38 Toumei Body from Pilot
  • PLUS more cute and useful stationery items!



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Anime Pack - Destiny Loop


ZenPop Sweets Pack: Destiny Loop


With a mix of classic and new animes, our Destiny Loop is the perfect pack to connect the old and the new! Collect figures or use them as gifts for some of your beloved anime fans! You’ll find some limited edition Tokyo Revengers goods, My Hero Academia figures and more!

  • Tokyo Revengers Yura Yura Head Figure
  • Dragon Ball Fuwa Kororin Plushy
  • My Hero Academia Figure
  • Plus, more exclusive items from your favorite Anime!


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Limited Edition - ZenPoop Box


ZenPop limited edition Pack: ZenPoop Box


Here’s a pack full of unko (うんこ). Japan has a fascination for poop, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you in our Limited Edition ZenPoop Box. Poop pouches, poop stamps, poop tape, and much more poop. We also included toilet erasers, just in case it all gets too poopy!

  • Unchi san Pettan Ball
  • Unchi san Pouch
  • Unchi san Masking Tape
  • Plus, more exclusive items from your favorite Poop mascot!


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