New Subscription Options Now Available

New Subscription Options Now Available

Mar 01, 2019 Tags 

We have some news!

From March 1st, all ZenPop packs will be available as 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

As ZenPop is now a subscription-only service, a few things have changed. However, it’s nothing serious!

First things first, some things will never change. You can still discover Japan through our monthly themed packs featuring the best Japanese goodies, hand-picked by our team in Osaka and shipped worldwide (for free!)

So, grab a coffee and a sweet treat and we’ll take you through the changes.

Customer account

All ZenPop customers, new and returning, will now have an account. Previously, you did not need an account to place your order. Now, you will be prompted to create an account before you can check out.

Through your account you can manage your subscriptions, and update your address and payment information.

Returning customers, you can create an account with the email address you’ve used for previous ZenPop orders, which will give you access to your order history.

Your first pack ships earlier

There is now less waiting for your first pack! As soon as you subscribe, we’ll start preparing your order and it will ship within a week.

For example, place your order in March and we’ll prepare and ship you the April pack right away, which means you can enjoy your special Spring snacks (like sakuramochi) at your hanami ("flower viewing") picnic!

As long as your subscription is active, we’ll ship your new pack at the beginning of each following month.

Current subscribers, please note that our pack’s will now be named according to the following month (i.e. order in March and you’ll receive the April pack). Only the pack’s name is jumping forward a month - you won’t miss out on a single pack in your subscription plan.

Automatic renewal

Subscription plans now have the option to automatically renew every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

You will be charged on the 10th of the month in which your plan renews.

By logging into your ZenPop customer account you can view your subscription details and see your next billing date. And of course, you can turn off automatic renewal anytime within your account dashboard.

If you turn off automatic renewal, we will always ship you all remaining packs in your plan. You will not be billed again and your subscription will not renew.

For example, if you order a 3-month Ramen plan (good choice!) in March, you will be billed on the date you place the order, and then your plan will renew and you’ll be charged on 10th June. If you decide to turn off automatic renewal in April, we will ship you your remaining packs (in this case, April and May) and then none further. See our FAQs for more details about billing.

Please note: You must turn off automatic renewal 3 days before your next rebill date, otherwise you will be charged again and your subscription will renew.

Current subscribers

Hello, thank you for your support! If you have an active subscription, nothing will change for you (you will receive all the packs in your subscription plan, as per normal.) Once your current plan finishes, it will not automatically renew. You’ll need to order a new subscription in order to keep receiving packs.

Please note: Since subscriptions now ship your first pack immediately, make sure you re-subscribe the month after you receive your last pack to avoid getting the same pack twice.

One-time purchase

If you’d like to purchase just one pack, choose the 1 month subscription plan and turn off automatic renewal at checkout. You’ll be shipped your pack and won’t be charged again.

Of course, if you loved your first ZenPop pack you can always subscribe for more.

For more information, check out our FAQs or contact us.

Thank you for all your support!

💖 Luna 🐰 and the ZenPop Team