December Pack Review

December Pack Review

Did you get a ZenPop's Pack in December?

If not, find out what we included to help you celebrate Christmas and New Year!

RAMEN & SWEETS MIX - X’mas Dinner Pack

Eating Japanese sweets and ramen are an amazing way to celebrate your holiday. 🎄🎅 In Japan, we have a tradition to eat a famous fast food chain’s fried chicken on Christmas Day, so we included the amazing QTTA fried chicken ramen in our December pack. 🍴 To make your X'mas meal complete we also added side servings of teriyaki chicken potatoes, cranberry chocolates, caramel chocolate balls, and squid kid gummies!


  • QTTA Fried Chicken
  • Chicken Nanban Soba
  • Splatoon Gummies
  • Grape Pureal Gummies
  • Cranberry Chocolate
  • Teriyaki Chicken flavor Jyagariko
  • Chocolate cookie
  • Kabukiage
  • Chocoball Caramel

RAMEN - Oniku Pack

Oniku (肉) means “meat” in Japanese. 🍖🍖This pack was as savory as it gets, featuring ramen rich in hearty, meaty flavors. From the spicy tang of pork kimchi ramen, to the smooth sweetness of duck dashi soba, your tastebuds went on an adventure from start to finish. This pack had a bit of everything including some classic shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) ramen as well, so you could enjoy new and old favorites together. 🍜Happy slurping!


  • Pork Kimchi Ramen
  • Mini Spicy Sesame Tantanmen
  • Duck Soup Soba
  • Pork Soba
  • Pork Miso Soup Udon
  • Shoyu Ramen
  • Shio Ramen ~Chicken Nabe~ 
  • Salty Rib Yakisoba

STATIONERY - Lucky New Year Pack

Have you heard of wagashi? They are traditional Japanese sweets, which are enjoyed during the New Year season. Beside cute wagashi stickers, notepad and eraser, this pack was filled with traditional Japanese designs. We hope the lucky charms and wagashi themed items in the pack will bring you amazing new year filled with love, joy and sweet treats.


  • Cute Pencil Sharpener
  • Sanrio Jeweled Pencil
  • Schedule Sticker
  • 2019 New Year Postcards
  • Daruma Brush Pen
  • Mamimu. Memo
  • Wagashi Eraser
  • Lucky Washi Tape
  • Japanese Sweets Sticky Notes
  • Japanese Sweets Washi Stickers
  • Mini Strap Pen

SWEETS - Winter Cafe Pack

Take a trip to a Japanese cafe with an assortment of goodies flavored with coffee, tea, milk, and chocolate. ☕🍵🍫 Winter in Japan is the perfect time to get cozy with your favorite hot drink. Try cafe au lait Bisco, chai tea latte Country Ma’am chocolate chip cookies, milk tea Horn cookies, coffee flavored puffed wheat snacks, hard coffee candies, and many more lovely (and chocolatey) treats to enjoy with someone you like. 😋


  • Coffeebeat
  • Avocado Mayo Chipstar
  • Koala's March Cocoa Milk
  • Toppo Milk
  • Doraemon Marble Gum
  • Petit Cocoa
  • Country Ma'am Chai Latte
  • Milktea Horn cookies
  • Milk Coffee Flavored Puffed Wheat
  • Cafe Ole Bisco
  • Honey Butter Stick Potato
  • Cocoa Roll Castella
  • Milk Bolo
  • Christmas Umaibo Corn Potage Flavor
  • Black Puku Puku Tai

We hope you loved your ZenPop December pack. Check out our current Sweets, Ramen & Sweets Mix, Ramen or Stationery Packs.