Full Moon Magic - A New Online Manga Featuring LUNA

Full Moon Magic - A New Online Manga Featuring LUNA

Oct 17, 2018 Tags 

Big news!! We have started a manga online, staring our ZenPop mascot Luna.  

Here's the first chapter of Luna's adventures! *Read from left to right


  • “Do you know the legend of the moon?”
  • “Can you see the bunny making mochi?”
  • “Grandma, are there really bunnies on the moon?”


Meanwhile on the moon...

  • “You know the stories about earth don’t ya?”
  • “Bunnies who don’t make mochi like a good bunny should… Get sent to earth, and they never come back!”
  • “Making mochi is so much fun!”


Years later...

  • “Making mochi sucks…”
  • “Ughhh… I don’t think I can do this anymore”
  • “Hey short-ears! Start working or would you rather get sent to earth!”


  • “Such a beautiful place doesn’t seem scary to me. I think I’d go if I could.”
  • “For real!?”
  • Bunny one: “For real! The Moon Goddess granted my wish”. Bunny 2: “The Moon Goddess is so amazing!”


  • “I should ask the Moon Goddess to help me too!”
  • “Welcome. I can sense a strong will just entered my chambers.”



Go to Instagram and follow @full_moon_magic to know what will happen next! We're waiting for your feedback and impressions in the comments! 😊🐰

**On Instagram, because of the stream format, the reading order is reversed, from right to left, from the bottom up. But once you follow, new panels will come out in order.