Anime Snack Pack - Released in June 2018

Anime Snack Pack - Released in June 2018

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Living in Japan means seeing characters everywhere, every single day. From minor no-name characters to major anime heroes and heroines, Japanese characters are used to promote all kinds of goods in Japan, and snacks and ramen are no exception! No matter if you are an anime fan or not, Anime Friends Pack was for everyone to enjoy the fun Japanese culture and foods.


What is the most famous legendary anime character born in Japan? It’s Pikachu! This month’s box included two food items which feature Pikachu and other Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Ramen Shoyu

Delicious to eat, fun to see. One of the world’s most famous anime characters makes your ramen time even more exciting. Contains a Pokemon sticker and naruto too.

Pokemon Kari Pori

Kari Pori is Japanese onomatopoeia which describes the snapping sound. Say Kari Pori as you munch on the stick-shaped candies. Includes two flavors; Soda Pop and Mix Au Lait,  drinks from the Pokemon world. Get your HP back with the candies!


Crayon Shin-chan is not as famous as Pokemon in the world, but it’s been loved for decades in Japan. You got a chocolate snack and a bowl of ramen pulled out from the anime world.


Chocobi is Shin-chan’s favorite snack. Crispy corn puffs are soaked into sweet chocolate sauce. Contains a Shin-chan sticker as a bonus too.

Crayon Shin-chan Wonton Ramen

One of the things anime lovers dream of is eating anime foods in your real life. Now you got a chance to eat the ramen of Black Panda Ramen shop, which appears in the latest Shin-chan movie! Join Shin-chan and company, and enjoy the delicious bowl of ramen.



If you are familiar with Japanese anime, you might have heard of a superhero whose head is made of bread; Anpanman! Anpanman Apple Gummies are nice and chewy gummy candies which allow you to eat not only the heads but the whole body of the hero and his friends.

Dragon Ball is another anime famous worldwide. Dragon Ball Illustration Gum came in a cool packaging and included an exclusive Dragon Ball Hero poster that you can’t get anywhere else. Put it on the wall and… maybe you can learn to use Kamehameha, or at least get energy charged to study/work even harder.


Super Mario and Hello Kitty are two characters born in Japan but don’t have a Japanese name. 

Super Mario Gummies

Eat a power up for energy, or, mamma mia! Just eat Mario himself.

Hello Kitty Marshmallow

A marshmallow coming in a cute Hello Kitty packaging. The soft marshmallow contains sweet chocolate sauce. It’s small but delectable.


Thomas the Tank Engine from England also found his way into this month’s Mix Pack. Thomas Soda Gummies are soda flavored gummies shaped like the face of Thomas. It looks a bit creepy when the whole face is blue, but anyway, it doesn’t matter at all once you put it into your mouth.


Lastly, a ninja with no name is here to make your snack time more fun. Ninja Fuwa-maru Salt magically disappears in your mouth just like a Ninja. The fluffy, airy corn puffs leave a savory flavor of kelp and bonito.


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