Dashi Sampler Pack - Released in February 2018

Dashi Sampler Pack - Released in February 2018

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Dashi (出汁) is Japanese stock, which is essential to cook most Japanese foods such as udon, oden, soba, etc. It can be made of fish, mushroom, meat, vegetable, or...actually, from any kinds of foods! It gives a subtle and delectable flavor to dishes.

This pack contained several different types of dashi flavors. Which one was your favorite?

  1. Maruchan Shoyu
    This is kind of instant noodles which you can cook and enjoy as you wish although it comes with delicious shoyu soup. How did you eat it?
  2. Ponzu Shoyu Yakisoba
    Winter in Japan means “Exam War” for those who take university entrance exams, and they need an easy & quick meal because an army marches on its stomach. So here it is. Daruma is a wishing doll which gives you the luck to win the “war”. Flavored with delicious bonito dashi, ponzu sauce, and shoyu.

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  1. Dashi Tempura Udon
    Udon noodles and tempura in delicious dashi soup. The dashi is made from three kinds of seafood; bonito, kelp, and sardine, which gives the rich and refined flavor.
  2. Nori Shoyu Udon
    A popular condiment for rice, “Gohan-desu-yo” is used to add its unique flavor. It’s seaweed simmered in savory shoyu, and Japanese people can have several bowls of rice if they have it. And the buddy of rice should go well with udon noodles for sure!
  3. Blended Miso Ramen
    The soup is flavored with meat extract and specially blended miso. The non-fried noodles are smooth, chewy and tasty. It’s still a little bit cold, so a warm bowl of miso ramen is a great choice to have.
  4. Low Carb Chicken Noodles
    All the same deliciousness but healthier with lower carb. The soup has a strong umami of chicken and contains pieces of green onion and tasty chicken.
  5. Nagoya Curry Udon
    Nagoya has many tasty local dishes, including Curry Udon! The spicy & creamy curry soup has flavors of pork extract and bonito dashi. Contains pieces of deep-fried tofu, kamaboko (fish cake), and green onion. Enjoy the little trip to Nagoya!
  6. Kanto Tempura Soba
    Dashi in eastern Kanto is different from that in western Kansai, where ZenPop is located. Kanto dashi is usually made of dried bonito flakes and has a stronger flavor. Tempura is nice when it’s dry and crispy but fantastic also when it becomes soft in the soup.
  7. Gotsumori Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen
    This ramen will make your stomach full because it comes in Gotsumori, which means “extra-large”. The shoyu-based soup contains umami of pork, chicken, and niboshi (dried infant sardine) dashi. The noodles are flavored with onion and garlic, which matches perfectly with the savory soup.