Ume Pack - Released in February 2018

Ume Pack - Released in February 2018

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Early spring is the season when ume flowers come into bloom.The flowers look pretty much like Sakura and have a unique and beautiful fragrance, which can add delightful flavor when used in foods. Did you like it?(^^)/


  1. Charumera Salt
    Savory noodles in salt soup. The pork and chicken based soup is zested up with scallop, vegetable, and black pepper. Contains some cure “ojisan naruto”. Ojisan means “an old man”, but the naruto is really cute.
  2. Cup Star Shoyu
    The shoyu-based soup is flavored with savory vegetables. Contains pork dices, scrambled egg, shrimp, and green onion. Simple and tasty shoyu ramen!


  1. Potato Chips Ume Kombu
    The lovely packaging was designed by SOU・SOU, a textile brand based in Kyoto. Not only the packaging but also the chips inside are (of course) awesome! The refreshing sourness of ume is combined with the savory umami of kombu (kelp).
  2. Koume Gummy
    Kouma Gummy brings the soothing breeze of early spring in Japan into your mouth. The ume-flavored juicy gummies are shaped like ume flowers and can’t be cuter.
  3. Koume Soft Candies
    Another candy of Koume. When you break the candy in your mouth, the flavor of sweet and sour ume powder spreads and you will be filled with the air of early spring in Japan.
  4. Ume Potato Sticks
    Salty crunchy potato sticks flavored with sour ume powder. The mild taste of dried sea lettuce brings out the fresh flavor of ume. Say “Umeeeee!” to express the deliciousness and you can truly enjoy the snack.
  5. Twinkle Surprise Eggs
    Wait! Don’t eat it just in one bite. Bite it gently and TA-DA! There is a little surprise twinkling inside the chocolate eggs. Sooo lovely!

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  1. Black Sugar Senbei
    Sweet senbei is awesome as savory one. This is on the sweet side. The sweet and slightly savory shoyu senbei is coated with coarse black sugar, which is healthier than white processed sugar and has a unique flavor.
  2. Ume Mints
    Sweet tiny ume flavored ramune candies, which have been loved for decades. Put them in your mouth after having greasy food or whenever you want freshness.