Toshi Koshi Pack - Released in December 2017

Toshi Koshi Pack - Released in December 2017

Jan 24, 2018 Tags 

Having Toshikoshi soba, aka year-passing soba, is one of the old customs kept by Japanese people even today. On the last night of the year, they eat soba before they hear the New Year's Bells at temples. There are several reasons to have toshikoshi soba; to wish the longevity and prosperity, to break off bad luck, and to wish good health.

Some people, especially those who are allergic to buckwheat, often eat toshikoshi udon instead of soba.

In this pack, we included 2 soba & 2 udon for you to wish a happy new year!


  1. Mushroom Udon
    Mushroom Udon noodles with delicious shoyu-based soup flavored with dried sardines and bonito. Contains two kinds of mushrooms; shimeji and shiitake.
  2. Aurore Sauce Yakisoba
    Aurore sauce? How fancy! The pinkish sauce is simply the mix of ketchup and mayonnaise, the two favorite kinds of sauce for Japanese people.
  3. Chicken Dashi Udon
    Udon in Japanese dashi soup. The noodles contain GABA, one of the type of an amino acid, which helps lower the blood pressure and reduce the stress. Get relaxed with this noodle!
  4. Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen
    Asahikawa is a name of a city in the center of Hokkaido. The two famous things in the city are Asahiyama Zoo and shoyu ramen. The curly noodles catch the soup very well.
  5. Charumera Chanpon
    Chanpon is a kind of noodles originated in Nagasaki. It features thick noodles and a mountain of vegetables on top of the noodles. You will definitely be full after you eat this.
  6. Salt Wonton Ramen
    Ramen is best when comes in big amount. This will make you satisfied for sure because it contains wonton dumplings, too!  
  7. Mushroom Soba
    Soba, which is not as popular in overseas as udon or ramen, is also very nice to eat in the cold winter! Mushrooms actually make your body warm. Contains two kinds of mushrooms; shimeji and shiitake.
  8. Kitsune Soba
    Kitsune means “fox”, but when it comes to kitsune coming with noodles, it means “a thin deep-fried tofu”. It's delicious when the "kitsune" absorbs the flavor of the soup. You should try this at least once :)
  9. Tan Tan Ramen
    This is Gotsu-mori (large serving) Tan-Tan noodle! The miso-based soup is zested up with flavorful sesame. Hot and tasty!